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The Block 2021: Week 11 — Garage, study and wine cellar week

The Block 2021: Week 11 — Garage, study and wine cellar week

Ok, so we think we’ve changed our mind. No longer are kitchen or backyard week our favourites on The Block. When we heard week 11 would be wine cellar week… yep! SOLD! Haha! But all jokes aside, it was a huge week for the contestants as they completed (well, not everyone finished!) their garage, study and wine cellar with minimal budget left.

Add to that, most teams were trying to finish off the rest of the spaces inside their homes that aren’t judged (and there’s no specific budget for), so there was a lot going on before judging time.

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Basement wine room with curved staircase

Ronnie and Georgia

Taking home first place in a mind-blowingly huge week on The Block, was Ronnie and Georgia. When you see how much this couple delivered in one week… it’s just incredible.

There’s a lot to get through, as we start in House 1’s garage. Photography murals are never our fave feature and in a garage… they just seem slightly unnecessary. Every house had one though, so maybe we’re missing a trend or something! However the garage itself had seriously great storage, making clever use of the entire wall and creating one of the most organised garages we’ve ever seen.

We loved the mudroom. It’s such a practical (yet pretty) addition to the home, and in the perfect location being right off the garage. Stylish, with space to sit, stacks of storage above and underneath… it’s a big yes from us. Find our tips to create the perfect mudroom here.

Next we took a look around the study / guest room / home office. And while we are totally drooling over the built-in day bed, can we take a second to talk about that view? What a beauty! Not sure how much work we’d actually get done looking out over that dreamy pool and backyard space.

The spiral staircase… what a feature! Stunning! Leading from the open plan kitchen, living and dining space, the staircase leads you up to a beautiful, simply styled mezzanine seating area. In the opposite direction, the sculptural staircase takes you down to the pièce de résistance… a basement wine cellar. The dream!

The judges were thrilled with each and every space, especially the wine room. They said it was beautifully fitted-out complete with sink, wine storage and fridge, seating around a butchers block table and another powder room. The floors are what did it for us — a thousand times yes.

Style Curator HQ might be moving to Ronnie and Georgia’s house at this rate! Better start saving those millions of dollars to pay for it though 😉

Cost: $TBC
Score: 27 / 30 (1st place)

Garage with wall storage and wall paper
Garage with wall storage
Wall mural in garage
Mudroom with entrance from garage
Mudroom storage space
Mudroom with drawer storage
Home office with built in daybed
Built in daybed in home office
Home office space with view to pool
Open plan kitchen living and dining with mezzanine level
Spiral staircase birds eye view
Mezzanine seating area
Statement curved staircase
Basement cellar and wine room
Wine storage and fridge in basement
Butchers block table in wine room
Small basement powder room

Mitch and Mark

Ohh-kaaay… that custom mural in House 2’s garage gets a firm no from us. The OTT style is pretty standard from these guys but we still aren’t keen! They had simple storage and while we try not to play favourites (no really, we do!), compared to the full wall of storage at Ronnie and Georgia’s house, it felt a little underwhelming.

Off to one side of the garage, Mitch and Mark gave us a home office with room for 2, fitted into ‘stolen space’ above the garage. A clever use of space and sure to get the tick of approval from future buyers.

After they opted for an at-home spa instead of a home cinema back in basement week, Mitch and Mark finally came to the party this week. Their wine cellar was more like a wine room slash home cinema lounge. A wine lounge, perhaps?! We don’t hate the idea, but the execution isn’t our fave.

Something we did love, were the two Prudence DeMarchi artworks. You can read our interview with this talented abstract artist here.

The space also included its own kitchenette, meaning you could watch a movie, make some snacks, and finish off in the at-home spa. Talk about next level luxe!

The judges felt the layout and execution had a few issues. However, they all agreed it’s another value-add to an, “Already stunning home”.

And we also finally got to see that glass floor they talked about from hallway week. We really like how it fills the downstairs staircase with light.

Cost: $TBC
Score: 23 / 30 (3rd place)

Garage with vintage yellow mustang
Mural in garage
Garage storage
Floor to ceiling wall paper staircase
Loft work from home space
Loft work from home space
Hallway with artwork
Wine lounge and movie room
Wine storage and sideboard
Basement lounge with wine storage
Kitchenette in basement living room
Glass floor and bannister to staircase
Staircase with above glass floor

Tanya and Vito

While not something we would have picked, we have to give props to Tanya and Vito on their horizontal opening teal green garage door. With portholes matching the heritage façade of House 3, it was a cool feature that’s very ‘Tanya and Vito’.

Their garage had huge storage space (nothing built in, which we assume was due to budget constraints) but it came at the cost of sacrificing a fourth bedroom. Not sure how that will fare for them come auction day with the judges expressing some concerns (us too!). However storage is always a good idea, and with its access to the backyard and driveway, the judges agreed it would be a plus to any buyer.

Moving downstairs and it’s quirky gone crazy. A basement games room outside the home cinema, complete with an enviable wine fridge and bar area. They included classic arcade amusement games which were cool, but the statue is something we could do without. Darren said the space as a whole was, “…fun, quirky and in keeping with the house.”

Cost: $TBC
Score: 19½ / 30 (4th place)

Black vintage mustang in polished concrete garage
Black vintage mustang in garage
Horizontal opening teal green garage door
Open shelving in garage
Basement bar and wine storage
Basement bar with neon signs
Basement bar are with wine barrel seating
Built in bar and wine fridge
Arcade games in basement bar
Statue in basement bar area

Josh and Luke

Yeeeowch! Check out that score. That’s gotta hurt… Josh and Luke didn’t have the greatest week. It was kind of a disaster (and that’s being kind).

Let’s start in the garage. Because they flipped their house plans, the boys only had room for a single car space. Which for the suburb they’re selling in seems problematic. The garage also had polished floors and a mural featuring race tracks of the world. It was the least offensive feature wall of the lot, but we still didn’t love it! And that door within a door was just weird!

The rest of the rooms were a work in progress (*read unfinished) and the judges were not impressed. Their powder room was mid-way through renos and their study / bedroom was deemed as ‘cramped’ by the judges. Things may have worked better if perhaps they’d reworked the room so the desk was by the window instead of shoved in a corner, and a built-in seating space added where the desk is.

The basement had great wine storage but compared to the rest of the houses, it was only ok. The artworks were cool and added a chic feel to the basement, but can we take a second to talk about that staircase!? It felt so dated. Not fans at all! Simple, pared back timber would have looked much more modern and sleek.

And we were disappointed to see Iron Man was still there, especially after the boys said they might try to sell it to make some cash back! As the judges stated, the space as a whole was unfinished, but at least it’s a starting point.

Cost: $TBC
Score: 8 / 30 (5th place)

Race track mural in garage
Door within a door garage
Polished concrete garage floor
Study with desk nook
Artwork behind couch in study
Desk space with built in storage
Unfinished powder room
Bar in basement cinema room
Basement bar
Wine storage bar area
Carpeted staircase

Kirsty and Jesse

Coming in second place, Kirsty and Jesse produced some seriously stylish spaces this week. Their garage was simple but well executed with ample storage tucked out of sight. Their garage door had a very Hamptons feel to it — totally fitting the whole look and feel of House 5.

The home office was well-lit with fabulous storage and finally, a mural feature wall we actually didn’t mind! A subtle map of the suburb of Hampton, giving a nod to the home’s location.

Moving to the basement and WOW! Now THAT is a wine cellar! Those Gaggenau wine fridges Kirsty and Jesse received thanks to winning kitchen week were beyond stunning. The wine storage of our dreams. If you’re looking for us, this is where we’ll be!

“It’s a knockout!” Darren claimed. “A balance between opulence and value.” Well deserving of second spot this week.

Cost: $TBC
Score: 26½ / 30 (2nd place)

Garage wall mural
Black and white beach wall mural
Hampton garage door
Storage in garage
Garage storage
Hamptons style study spae
Storage in study nook
Hampton suburb wall mural
Basement kitchenette and wine cellar
Gaggenau wine fridge
Wall niches with guitars with down lights

How did you think garage, study and wine cellar week went? Which house was your fave? And did you agree with the judges comments (or us?!). Chat with us in the comment section below!

Be sure to check out The Block Shop if you’ve spied something you love in this week’s room reveals. And you can catch all The Block 2021 goss on the nine now official website.

All imagery by David Cook Photography

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