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Outdoor living is the epitome of the Australian lifestyle. At Style Curator, we have you covered. With endless balcony and alfresco inspiration and ideas.

From DIY projects to styling tips, there is so much outdoor living inspiration to discover. We explore outdoor makeovers and gardening tips. There is plant care and advice to help even the worst brown thumb keep those plants thriving.

We share outdoor furniture ideas, cheap and cheerful styling ideas and hacks to spruce up your balcony and alfresco inspiration and ideas.

Whether you have a large outdoor entertaining space or just a small balcony, there’s ideas a plenty on Style Curator. With permanent solutions or those suitable for renting or holiday properties, your outdoor entertaining space should be celebrated and styled in a way that will make you love it, and use it!

Let us bring you before and after makeovers that will have you wondering if it’s even the same space. We share dreamy outdoor kitchens that would make every vision board enviable. We have got product reviews, ideas and inspiration on everything you need to make the most of your outdoor entertaining space.

Whether you want somewhere to cook up a storm or entertain in style. Whether you want a place to relax or somewhere fun and exciting for the kids to play. Your outdoor space should reflect the rest of your home and how you like to live. Let Style Curator be your one stop shop for balcony and alfresco inspiration and ideas.

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