The Block Glasshouse: Week 9 room reveals

With the The Block Glasshouse: Week 9 terraces now complete (or pretty much complete in the case of Chris and Jenna), all 5 apartments on The Block Glasshouse are DONE!

But just when you thought The Block was finished for another season, we find out all 5 couples need to work together over the next 2 weeks to complete the surprise 6th apartment — this will be interesting!

First, let’s look at the terraces…

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Darren and Dee

Taking out the win with perfect 10s (minus a point for not using their housewarming gift), Darren and Dee created a terrace haven.

Neale said it was one of the rare cases where ‘more is more’. More plants, more pillows, more more more and we still can’t get enough!

Slightly Tuscan-inspired, completely on trend colours and OTT greenery, Dee’s distinct style is one we didn’t know we loved until she showed us.

Darren and Dee terrace chair
Darren and Dee chair terrace
Darren and Dee stylish blue terrace
Darren and Dee hanging pot plants
Darren and Dee balcony
Darren and Dee kitchen opens to terrace

Michael and Carlene

A very close second to Darren and Dee (just half a point behind), Michael and Carlene’s terrace space seriously impressed the judges.

Wood panelling carried up to the ceiling, soft finishes and large outdoor kitchen were some of big tick features.

We like that Carlene doesn’t take herself too seriously and has fun when styling her rooms. The astro turf, while not a feature we would necessarily put in our home, is a fun addition to the space.

Michael and Carlene terrace on The Block
Michael and Carlene full terrace
Michael and Carlene terrace on The Block
Michael and Carlene garden wall
Michael and Carlene wood panelling
Outdoor shower in Michael and Carlene's terrace

Max and Karstan

This terrace was a real surprise for us — bright, fresh and homely!

The pops of turquoise blue created a lightness and delight to the space we weren’t expecting.

Neale said it was one of the best vertical gardens he’s ever seen and we have to agree — beautiful textures, shades and shapes all worked perfectly together.

Do you love that colour swatch pot plant by the BBQ? Let us know!

This feature terrace may just have given Max and Karstan the edge they need at auction… and then there’s also that secret room!

Max and Karstan garden to terrace
Max and Karstan full terrace
Hanging planter
Max and Karstan vertical garden
Max and Karstan dining to terrace

Shannon and Simon

Shaynna didn’t hold back in saying how much she hate, hate, hated this terrace! But Neale and Darren dubbed it a hipsters terrace and said it couldn’t be more on trend.

We’re in camp Neale and Darren but definitely think the space could have done with a bit of softness with pillows, outdoor rug or some other points of interest at eye-level.

Do those suspended pots freak you out? Would you ever do something like this in your outdoor space? Tell us in the comments below!

Shannon and Simon terrace
Shannon and Simon looking up at their terrace
Shannon and Simon suspended pots
Shannon and Simon looking up at their terrace

Chris and Jenna

There were lots of tears and frustration from these two and who could blame them? Missing out on finishing their spaces, the drain of the hectic schedule and constant budget restraints is enough to make anyone break.

Kudos to them for persevering to the last minute to do their best to finish! Unfortunately the imperfections and lack of finishes were glaring.

We really had our fingers crossed these guys would finish strongly but let’s just hope they can take some significant money off their reserve price in the next two weeks as they compete to get the winning rooms in the 6th apartment.

Chris and Jenna terrace wall
Chris and Jenna terrace
Chris and Jenna upstairs terrace

Images via Jumpin The Block Glasshouse.

What were your thoughts on the The Block Glasshouse: Week 9 terrace reveals? Did you have any favourites? Anything you didn’t like so much? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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