Top 10 products for minimalist interior styling

Ever wondered what the ‘must have’ products for minimalist interior styling are? That’s exactly what Louise asked us and we thought it would make a fab shopping round up!

Taking a cue from some of our favourite Instagrammers, here is our list of products that fit the beautiful minimalist aesthetic.

1. The Kinfolk Home book

A book that’s all about considered, beautiful and intimate living spaces, The Kinfolk Home is regularly seen in minimalist interior styling. In book cases, on sideboards, coffee tables or bedsides, this book can be styled in a range of ways and is also an inspiring read!

You can buy it online at Dymocks here.

products for minimalist interior styling
Image via @stylizimoblog

2. Concrete tray

In white, black or natural concrete, a good quality concrete tray like this one from Zakkia will get a workout in a minimalist home. Style it in the bathroom to create a vignette like we did, in the kitchen for displaying those oh-so-popular Menu salt and pepper grinders, oils and other kitchen essentials… there’s no shortage of ideas to use a concrete tray in the home!

You can buy it online here.

Zakkia tray
Image via @stylecuratorau

3. Diptyque candles

Any candles with beautiful packaging are a winner for minimalist interior styling but a popular favourite are the Diptyque candles. With gorgeous scents and stylish typography labels, these candles are so divine you won’t want to light them.

You can buy them online at Mecca here.

Instagram styling
Image via @myfabulousdesign

4. The Kubus Bowl

Also pictured above is The Kubus Bowl. The Kubus Bowl or Kubus Candleholder (available in a range of sizes and styles) are both designed by Danish architect Mogens Lassen and are staples in minimalist interior styling with a Scandinavian aesthetic. A bit more on the pricy side, this investment piece will be treasured for years.

You can shop the Lassen range on Design Stuff Group here.

5. Wall pockets

Another favourite of ours are the Normann Copenhagen wall pocket organisers. Available in a range of shapes, colours and sizes, these versatile pieces look great storing pencils, make-up brushes, kitchen utensils, plants and lots more.

You can buy them online at Top 3 here.

Oh Eight Oh Nine
Image via @oh.eight.oh.nine

6. Indoor plants

Just like decor, indoor plants go through trends and are a necessity for stylish minimalist indoor spaces. Chain of Hearts, Monstera Deliciosa, String of Pearls, Rubber Plant, Pilea Peperomioides and Hoya Obovata are some of the trending plants in 2017.

Visit your local nursery for these indoor plants and more.

Shelf styling
Image via @matharrison

7. Pot plant stand

Of course, if you pick up some indoor plants, you’ll need something stylish to put them in. Minimalist styling expert, Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser uses a Trestle Union pot plant stand in her living room but there are dozens to choose from on the market today.

Pot plant stand
Image via @thedesignchaser

8. Menu salt and pepper bottle grinders

Who would have thought salt and pepper grinders would become a styling must-have?! The simple form, matte finish and muted tones of these Menu salt and pepper bottle grinders prove too irresistible for interior stylists.

Shop the range of colours at Design Stuff Group here.

Bottle grinders
Image via @madeoftomorrow

9. Wall calendar

Oversized wall calendars in monochromatic black and white or gold and white typography often grace those minimalist homes we lust after. Jasmine Dowling is a fave of ours and here her office is looking so fine with one of her latest design wall calendars.

You can shop the wall calendar and other stationery at Jasmine Dowling website here.

Jasmine Dowling
Image via @jasminedowling

10. Round mirror

Definitely a must-have piece in 2017, the round mirror is taking over interiors across the globe! We love those with a simple metal border and picture-frame hook from behind but you can also find round mirrors with decorative strap handles.

You can buy it online at Curious Grace here.

Round mirror
Image via @oh.eight.oh.nine

Did you enjoy this round up of styling products? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll bring you even more!


  1. This list is dangerous – as if I don’t already have a shopping addiction, you’ve just added to the list 🙁

    • He he #sorrynotsorry. You’ve come to the wrong place if you’re looking to curb your homewares addiction 😉

    • LOUISEEEEE! Sorry hun, no idea where we got Lauren from, we’ve fixed that up now. YAY, so glad you liked this post. We’ve got all your ideas in the works so stay tuned for more of your requested stories soon. Happy styling xx

  2. I loved the article on the top 10 products for a minamilist look! I think I need to add some to my collection! Thanks for providing direct links to purchase the products – I’ll definitely be checking out some of those gorgeous products ?

    • Thanks Maria – not like your stunning home needs any more gorgeousness but glad you enjoyed it 🙂 We’ll be sharing more stories like this soon xx


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