Top 20 Kmart hacks of 2019

You just can’t seem to get enough of our Kmart hacks articles (they’ve been popular on Style Curator for the last 3 years and counting!). Check out our fave Kmart hacks of 2019!

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1. Family hub planner

Any hack to make running a household easier is a winner in our book — and when it looks this darn stylish, it gets bonus points! Soph is the maker and organising queen behind @nestihome on Instagram and explains how she made the giant family planner, “I used two sheets of the Kmart chalkboard vinyl, three of the medium and narrow drawer tidies for mail sorting and two cork boards. I used foam double sided tape to attach the drawers and a white “Posca” pen to write with”.

There’s been such a strong response to this hack on social media that she may be selling these planners soon. Keep an eye on her Instagram account for updates.

Family hub organiser using Kmart vinyl coolest Kmart hacks
Family hub organiser using Kmart vinyl and storage trays by @nestihome

2. Inexpensive outdoor umbrella

Outdoor umbrellas cost a bomb which is what prompted Alison to come up with this clever hack! Using a $15 white plastic outdoor pot from Kmart that she filled with a brick and sand, she placed one of the $12 umbrellas inside. Her husband made the timber top from offcuts they had which holds the umbrella in place and is the perfect spot to rest a cold drink!

Kmart hack outdoor umbrella
Alison’s Kmart hack outdoor umbrella

3. Wall hanging unicorn head gets a stylish makeover

This one isn’t a hack per se, rather a freakin’ amazing makeover! The clever mama behind Emily Mae Maree Instagram says her daughter is unicorn obsessed and couldn’t resist giving the Kmart unicorn head an upgrade wrapping darker wool around the horn, attaching a cluster of faux flowers and hand stitching darker fabric down the mane. “A fun little arvo craft project,” says Samantha.

Kmart unicorn head before and after
Stylish unicorn head makeover by Samantha of Little Mae Maree
Kmart unicorn head hack
Stylish unicorn head makeover by Samantha of Little Mae Maree

4. Jewellery tree becomes crystal jewellery dish

Our obsession for crystals is at an all-time high! One DIY we’ve been wanting to make for a while now is a crystal jewellery dish — a beautiful piece to have on our bedside table to hold jewellery and generate positive vibes in the space.

We used the Kmart jewellery tree with marble base (just $7!) and hacked it to create this luxe piece that takes pride of place on a bedside table.

Check out the tutorial here to find out how easy it is to make your own.

Jewellery tree before and afterJewellery tree before and after
Our Kmart hack ring dish

5. Turmeric dyed boho cushion

One of our fave boho cushions has been given a stunning makeover by clever Mum, Samantha. She turned it from plain neutral into a gorgeous, on-trend mustard using… get ready for it… turmeric and coffee! Honestly, one of the best Kmart hacks of 2019! So clever!

Turmeric dyed kmart boho cushion coolest Kmart hacks
Turmeric and coffee dyed boho cushion by Samantha

6. Bamboo ladder becomes macrame room screen

Before Kmart launched its rattan room screen, Pina of My Home Decor created this macrame room screen — perfect for a boho or coastal style interior! If you think you need to become a macrame expert to pull this off, she actually used the macrame table runners!

By simply removing a few of the horizontal poles, levelling off the ladder legs so they become flush and attaching the ladders together with excess twine, she created this stylish room divider or bedhead (just imaging it with fairy lights in a child’s room).

Macrame Kmart hack screen
Macrame room screen by Pina using Kmart bamboo ladders

7. Kids kitchen hacks

Last year it was all about the Kmart cubby and this year parents are wowing us with how they’ve personalised the basic Kmart kitchen! One of our favourites has got to be this earthy and boho inspired kitchen by Sarah Grover.

Kmart kitchen
Kmart kitchen hack by Sarah Grover
Kmart kitchen above angle coolest Kmart hacks coolest Kmart hacks
Kmart kitchen hack by Sarah Grover

8. DIY wall art using raffia ribbon

DIY wall art can be hit and miss but we think Nikita totally nailed these coastal inspired pieces that she made using raffia ribbon from Kmart. She said she just tied raffia ribbon around plastic rings using the lark’s head knot technique.

DIY wall art
DIY wall art by Nikita Howe

9. Bamboo drawer as floating shelf

Whether you’ve got a young child who loves reaching for cords or simply want a discreet way to display smaller electronics, such as your home phone, Megan has found the solution by turning a bamboo drawer upside down and mounting it to the wall. The underside is large enough to keep cables out of sight!

Bamboo drawer as floating shelf
Megan Tietjen‎’s hack using a bamboo drawer as floating shelf
Hidden cables underneath
Hidden cables underneath

10. Basket as pendant light

Woven pendant lights easily cost upward of $100 but Sara George made this stylish one using the $14 Kmart basket. She removed the handles, made a hole in the centre for the light bulb and attached it over her dining area.

Definitely a winner for one of our fave Kmart hacks of 2019.

Kmart hack lamp shade coolest Kmart hacks
Sara George turned a $14 basket into a coastal style lamp shade

11. Plastic dinosaur toy becomes cool plant holder

Krystal turned a typical T-Rex kids toy into a cool plant holder for her Aloe plant. By simply cutting a hole into the back and painting the dino black, she created a fun piece that would be ideal in a boy’s room.

Kmart hack dino toy coolest Kmart hacks
Dino toy becomes plant holder by Krystal Piggott

12. Coffee table to bench seat

Bench seat on a budget? Yes, it can be done! Michelle used the Kmart oak coffee table as a frame and rather than screwing on the top, she finished it with woven rope she bought from Bunnings.

Rope bench coolest Kmart hacks
Michelle of @lookwhat_i_found created this stylish bench using the Kmart oak table as a frame and rope from Bunnings

13. Bamboo storage box as planter box

Shay wanted to add some tropical plants to her rental home. She used a couple of bamboo storage boxes that she painted and lined with weed mat as a cheap and instant solution. Although the bamboo is likely to swell over time, she says this is the perfect solution for now.

Bamboo planter box
Shay Smith converted bamboo storage boxes into outdoor planter boxes

14. Bamboo drawers as open spice shelf

Looking for an inexpensive yet stylish way of displaying your herbs? Annie glued two bamboo drawer organisers together to create an open shelf. You can also now find stylish spice labels at Kmart too!

Spice shelf
Annie Stovell‎’s DIY spice shelf

15. Tropical cushion makeover

Ok, so this one isn’t a hack but it is a pretty clever makeover and given how popular the boho style is right now, we’ve included it in our list. Using the tropical stencil set from Kmart and black paint, she printed onto hessian fabric that she then glued onto the face of the cushions. Not bad for resort style cushions on a budget!

Kmart hack cushions
Cushion makeover by Sally Smallpage‎

16. Kmart shelf also becomes hanging clothing rail

Using the Kmart hanging shelf, macrame string, timber beads and a piece of dowel, Tanja added a hanging rail for her daughter’s favourite clothes. So sweet and stylish and definitely one of our fave Kmart hacks of 2019 we’ve seen!

Kmart hack shelf coolest Kmart hacks
@our_artdeco_home added a rail to the Kmart shelf to hang her daughter’s favourite dresses

17. Glass canister to propagation vase

Indoor plants just keep gaining popularity and many plants are easy to propagate by taking clippings and placing them in water. Trouble is, you need to find the right vessel that can support the cutting and specialty propagation kits can be expensive. Little Seed House found the perfect solution — simply drill a hole into the lid of a Kmart glass canister!

If you’d like to try and propagate your own plants, there’s no easier plant than Pothos and we share all the tips and tricks here.

Glass canister becomes propagation vase
@littleseedhouse turned a Kmart canister into a propagation vase

18. Outdoor bench becomes ride-on fire truck

Talk about creative genius! This ride-on fire truck that Ellie made using the Kmart outdoor bench is one of the coolest Kmart hacks we’ve ever seen. Read all about it on Kidspot here.

Fire truck hack via Kidspot coolest Kmart hacks
Fire truck hack via Kidspot

19. Tray becomes earring holder

Anyone who collects earrings would know how much of a struggle it is to keep them organised. Paige has found the solution though — mounting a Kmart tray vertically to the inside of her wardrobe!

Kmart earring holder
@paigedoevendans_ shares her earring hack using a Kmart tray

20. Laundry hamper and chopping board turns into a side table

Rounding off our top 20 Kmart hacks of 2019 and it’s hats off to Michelle who hacked a Kmart laundry hamper and chopping board into a stylish side table! We think it’s perfect for her tropical interior style.

Woven side table coolest Kmart hacks
Michelle of @lookwhat_i_found converted a laundry hamper and cutting board into a table

Do you have a fave Kmart hack from our top 20 Kmart hacks of 2019?! Tell us in the comment section below!

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