20 of the coolest Kmart hacks EVER!

The phenomenon of Kmart hacks has been going strong for almost 10 years! Over that time, we’ve seen everything from baskets used as pendant lights to hampers turned into side tables. Because your creativity and innovation keeps on giving, we’ve curated a round up of the 20 coolest Kmart hacks EVER!

We’re constantly adding to this list with the latest and best Kmart hacks and have also created separate articles with clever Kmart kitchen hacks, best Kmart home decor and furniture makeovers, outdoor Kmart hacks and Kmart hacks for kids. Phew, did we mention there have been a lot of Kmart hacks?!

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1. Curved coffee table makeover

How ah-MAZING is this Kmart coffee table makeover?! The ever so talented Zoe from the DIY Decorator gave the previously black curved coffee table a lick of white paint but not only that, she added texture… using corrugated packing card! Talk about a savvy saver!

The whole project cost less than $100 (!!). Check out how she made one of the coolest Kmart hacks we’ve ever seen over on her Instagram page.

Curved coffee table Kmart makeover
Coffee table hack by Zoe Gilpin from the DIY Decorator

2. Bread bins… turn bedside table (yes, really!)

Hold onto your hats people, this is without a doubt, one of the coolest Kmart hacks ever. Kristine, who goes by extra.ordinary.home on Insta, had the incredible idea to take 2 Kmart bamboo bread bins and turn them into this stylish bedside table.

You can watch her video below to see how she did it. Mind… blown!

Bread bin turned bedside table
By the ever so talented Kristine from @extra.ordinary.home

3. Placemat and bath mat ottoman and cushions

Who would have thought you could get such great results from using placemats and bath mats (yes, bath mats!) to make cushions?! Renee is the clever mind behind this Kmart hack, taking 2 jute placemats and 2 bath mats and turning them into these fab looking cushions.

Plus we spied another clever maker who made an ottoman using 2 of the tufted natural bath mats and 2 Euro cushion inserts, also from Kmart (of course!) to make this fab DIY project.

Kmart cushion hacks
Cushion hacks by Renee via Kmarthack

4. Stylish bookcase makeover

We love this one! Simone has taken the Kmart storage bookshelf and given it a complete transformation. She has how-to instructions on her Instagram page to show you how she made this unique piece of furniture.

Kmart bookcase hack
Amazing hack by simteriorsandesign

5. Rattan sideboard turned mudroom bench seat

This stunning boho inspired mudroom is divine, don’t you think?! And we love how Taralee used two of the Kmart rattan sideboard to create this gorgeous bench seat. What a creative way to make something stylish and completely luxe for less!

This is also a fab hack to create your own bench seat if you’re renting as it doesn’t need to be fixed into the walls. On the hunt for a new rental? Check out Rentola for all the listings in your area with smart filtering options to find your new dream home.

Kmart rattan sideboard mudroom bench seat
Boho inspired mudroom by Taralee Fraley via Kmart hacks & decor Facebook page

6. Room screen bedhead hack

Struggling to find a bedhead for her super-king size bed, Ceryce had this bright idea! She took 2 Kmart room screens, removed the ends and popped them together to create this fabulous new look! So creative and clever!

You may also like to check out this round of up the best DIY bedhead ideas!

Room screen bedhead hack
Ceryce’s new bedhead thanks to 2 Kmart room screens

7. Canister lid turned drawer handles

Have you ever thought about using canister lids as drawer handles?! No, us either! But the ever so clever Pheonix Project team did, and the results are brilliant!

8. Aged vase makeover

Excuse us a moment while we pick our jaws up off the floor after this one… cause it’s amazing! Vivian took the already cute Kmart terracotta handle vase and gave it an ‘aged makeover’.

Here’s a quick run down of how she did it… Spray paint in colour Flat Black (available from Bunnings). Add layer of Dixie Bell ‘Mud’ in brown, using paper towel. Next up she used 4 acrylic paint colours (Fawn, Opal, Brown and Black) and dabbed away using paper towel.

We. Are. Obsessed!

9. Candle lid turned hat hook

Here’s another use for a candle lid that we’d never considered! Alex Tyler added a 3M sticker to the back and stuck it onto the wall, making the perfect hat hook. Simple, cost effective and definitely earning its place as one of the coolest Kmart hacks ever!

Hack by Alex Tyler via Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia

10. Round hanging shelf gets an upgrade

The Kmart round hanging shelf has been around for a while now and we’ve seen it featured in plenty of clever hacks. This one from Lauren really caught our attention with her addition of a rattan backing.

Hanging in her daughters room, we think it adds a beautiful boho touch to an otherwise simple Kmart shelf. Love it!

Round rattan shelf makeover
The Kmart round shelf gets a beautiful makeover by auroralust

11. Hanging pendant lights

Basket pendant lights are popping up everywhere, and along with it comes plenty of DIY hacks! Nicole has taken the base of the Kmart rattan table lamp and turned it into this fabulous hanging pendant! She shares tips, tricks and how to’s over on her Instagram page Zephyr House.

Kmart pendant light hack
Clever pendant light hack by Zephyr House

12. Dinosaur draw pulls

Stylish door pulls can cost a fortune but Erin has found an affordable solution for her dino-mad child. Some simple spray paint, a packet of Kmart dinosaur figurines and you’ve officially won the best parent of the year award!

13. Serving board side table

Using a wooden serving tray and readjusting the legs to fit your couch arm, and voila! You have the perfect side table for coffee, tea, chocolate, or wine 😉 .

Serving board turned side table Kmart hack
Terrific use for a serving board via Kmart Mum’s Australia Facebook

14. On trend timber wall sconce

The talent behind some of the coolest Kmart hacks really does astound us sometimes! Like this one from Dina, who took the Kmart timber table lamp and turned it into these 2 incredible, on trend wall sconces. And all up, it cost her just $38!

Watch the video below to see how she pulled off this fabulous hack.

Kmart lamp wall sconce hack

15. Total sideboard transformation

Taking two Kmart sideboards and doing some serious hacking (pun totally intended) Clare has created a custom piece of furniture. If this look is your vibe, she’s even created a handy how-to YouTube video.

Kmart cabinet makeover
Sideboard upgrade by casa_calanni

16. Room divider to on-trend bedhead

Curved, rattan-style bedheads are everywhere at the moment, and some come with quite the price tag. If this is your dream style, why not take a tip from Janika who took the Kmart room divider, and simply placed it behind a bed to create a stylish new bedhead!

Rattan screen divider_Kmart
Kmart sreen hack by moodcollectiveau
Room screen turned bedhead by @moodcollectiveau via @addicted_to_bargains

17. Hessian table runner pendant light

Who knew a hessian table runner could create something this cool?! Interiors lover Natalie got handy with her plain black pendant light and turned it into a real statement piece using the Kmart hessian table runner. A clever and very cost effective hack!

Kmart table runner lampshade makeover
Pendant makeover by nataliapalmer.interiors

18. Sideboard turned kitchen cabinets

Wow! There are some seriously creative thinkers out there! We love this idea of using the already fabulous Kmart rattan sideboard, and using them as cabinetry for the kitchen! A great way to breathe a bit of new life into a tired space with this on-trend look.

Kmart sideboard into kitchen cabinets
An amazing take on the rattan sideboard by ourlittleredbrickhome

19. Bowls turn to art

We’re not sure about you, but we would never have thought to turn plain old everyday Kmart bowls into decor art pieces! But seriously, how good do these look?! Just a simple coat of paint and some glue has given these bowls a whole new lease on life.

20. Rattan planter becomes a dolls bed

The boho style is more popular than ever — and this extends to children’s bedrooms. Chantelle, the talent behind Olive and Miles, has created a sweet boho-inspired doll bed using the Kmart planter. Too cute (and she has an Etsy store, too!)

Have you spotted any other Kmart hacks that should make our list of the coolest Kmart hacks? Share a link to them in the comments below so we can all check them out!

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  1. I hacked the kmart round photo frame into a young girls storage display for nail polishes and creams and the rectangle storage shelves into a hot chocolate station. Pics on my Instagram page kazzagirl09 for those who want to see it.

    • Hi Karen, thanks so much for sharing your hacks – both look fab! We’d be drinking hot chocolate all day long if we had that drink station in the office!

  2. Hi
    I have done quite a few Kmarthacks on my Instagram Account @lookwhat _i_found also just started a Facebook Account The Bargain Hacker. You are welcome to use if you’re interested?

    • Hi Michelle, thanks so much for sharing your account. Great hacks and I love how you share Insta stories explaining how you made them 🙂

    • Hi Rae, I’d love to see these pictures but the links say the page isn’t available – did you share it in a private group or is your profile private?

  3. Wow, so many great ideas on this list! The boys wardrobe and lego storage ideas are totally happening this weekend for my son’s bedroom. Thank you!


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