20 of the coolest Kmart hacks EVER!

We’re constantly surprised to see our Kmart hack concrete top side table rank in our top 5 most read blog posts, month after month!

It goes to show the love for Kmart hacks isn’t going away any time soon so we thought we’d share 20 of the coolest Kmart hacks we’ve EVER seen!!

And because the Kmart hacks just keep on coming, we’re constantly updating this article with the latest and best hacks each year.

Scroll down to find the latest hacks for 2019, and the complete list of top 20 coolest Kmart hacks of 2017 and 2018!

Top Kmart hacks of 2019

1. Family hub planner

Any hack to make running a household easier is a winner in our book — and when it looks this darn stylish, it gets bonus points! Soph is the maker and organising queen behind @nesti_au on Instagram and explains how she made the giant family planner, “I used two sheets of the Kmart chalkboard vinyl, three of the medium and narrow drawer tidies for mail sorting and two cork boards. I used foam double sided tape to attach the drawers and a white “Posca” pen to write with”.

There’s been such a strong response to this hack on social media that she may be selling these planners soon. Keep an eye on her Instagram account for updates.

Family hub organiser using Kmart vinyl
Family hub organiser using Kmart vinyl and storage trays by @nesti_au

2. Inexpensive outdoor umbrella

Outdoor umbrellas cost a bomb which is what prompted Alison to come up with this clever hack! Using a $15 white plastic outdoor pot from Kmart that she filled with a brick and sand, she placed one of the $12 umbrellas inside. Her husband made the timber top from offcuts they had which holds the umbrella in place and is the perfect spot to rest a cold drink!

Kmart hack outdoor umbrella
Alison’s Kmart hack outdoor umbrella

3. Wall hanging unicorn head gets a stylish makeover

This one isn’t a hack per se, rather a freakin’ amazing makeover! The clever mama behind Emily Mae Maree Instagram says her daughter is unicorn obsessed and couldn’t resist giving the Kmart unicorn head an upgrade wrapping darker wool around the horn, attaching a cluster of faux flowers and hand stitching darker fabric down the mane. “A fun little arvo craft project,” says Samantha.

Kmart unicorn head before and after
Stylish unicorn head makeover by Samantha of Little Mae Maree
Kmart unicorn head hack
Stylish unicorn head makeover by Samantha of Little Mae Maree

4. Jewellery tree becomes crystal jewellery dish

Our obsession for crystals is at an all-time high! One DIY we’ve been wanting to make for a while now is a crystal jewellery dish — a beautiful piece to have on our bedside table to hold jewellery and generate positive vibes in the space.

We used the Kmart jewellery tree with marble base (just $7!) and hacked it to create this luxe piece that takes pride of place on a bedside table.

Check out the tutorial here to find out how easy it is to make your own.

Jewellery tree before and afterJewellery tree before and after
Our Kmart hack ring dish

5. Turmeric dyed boho cushion

One of our fave boho cushions has been given a stunning makeover by clever Mum, Samantha. She turned it from plain neutral into a gorgeous, on-trend mustard using… get ready for it… turmeric and coffee! Honestly, these hacks seriously blow our mind! So clever!

Turmeric dyed kmart boho cushion
Turmeric and coffee dyed boho cushion by Samantha

6. Bamboo ladder becomes macrame room screen

Before Kmart launched its rattan room screen, Pina of My Home Decor created this macrame room screen — perfect for a boho or coastal style interior! If you think you need to become a macrame expert to pull this off, she actually used the macrame table runners! By simply removing a few of the horizontal poles, levelling off the ladder legs so they become flush and attaching the ladders together with excess twine, she created this stylish room divider or bedhead (just imaging it with fairy lights in a child’s room).

For even more Kmart hacks from Pina, check out her Facebook page My Home Decor here.

Macrame Kmart hack screen
Macrame room screen by Pina using Kmart bamboo ladders

Top 20 Kmart hacks of 2018

1. Lamp as DIY wall sconce

Using a simple triangle design and several pieces of wood, Rox has taken the Kmart lamp to a whole new level! These wall sconces look so Scandi and chic, and certainly pass as a designer buy.

Bedroom lamps
Wall sconce hack by Rox

2. Hexagon mirror as statement wall art

Trying to find stylish and affordable wall art – particularly oversized wall art – is near impossible which prompted Misty to think outside the square and combine 5 hexagon mirrors. It creates such big impact and you’d never guess it cost only $60!

Hexagon wall art
Misty created this affordable wall art using mirrors

3. Industrial coffee table as luxe concrete table

Concrete top furniture costs a fortune but using a few easily accessible DIY materials, you can turn the affordable Kmart coffee table into a luxe designer-look piece!

We’ve already seen a few of you take on this tutorial and create stunning results. Find all the steps on how you can make your own concrete coffee table here.

Kmart hack coffee table feature image
Our latest Kmart hack was to give the Industrial coffee table a luxe makeover

4. Woven baskets as kitchen storage

Talk about kitchen goals! Angela has used a selection of Kmart canisters and rectangle baskets to make the most of her open kitchen shelving.

Kitchen storage
Angela’s kitchen organisation

5. Shoe rack as kids grocery store

One of the most popular toys for young children is a play kitchen and/or grocery shop but with most store-bought play sets costing several hundred, it can be a large investment to make – plus the cost of all the play foods and accessories! Clever mum of five made an epic playroom for her children, including a DIY grocery store using the Kmart shoe rack!

Kids grocery store
Grocery store hack by @thecockerkids_

6. Placemats become cushions

Talk about thinking outside the box! Ashlee created these stylish boho cushions by simply sewing two placemats together. She shares all the steps, including how to make those sweet tassels, in her Youtube video here.

Placemat cushions
Placemat cushion hack by Ashlee

7. Baskets as coastal pendant lights

Continuing with the jute theme, we just love how Harlyard House hacked the Kmart baskets to create these on-trend pendants!

She removed the handles and placed the baskets over existing pendant lights to create these designer-look lights. Check out her account here for more inspo.

Pendant lights
Pendant light hack by Harlyard House

8. Kmart cubby hacks

Parents all over Australia are hacking the Kmart cubby to personalise it for their children. While there’s no shortage of ideas on how you could decorate the cubby out there, here are some of our favourites.

Kmart cubby hacks
Clockwise from top left: Original Kmart cubby, our Kmart cubby hack, Fireman cubby and Boho cubby

9. Caddy hack

There’s more than meets the eye with this clever Kmart hack that Alanna made. She says it was an easy weekend job that required no power tools as she used the existing screws and holes.

“I wanted the caddy the same height as the bath so moved the tiers up and cut the legs to height. Then used the original top tier as a lid and now have somewhere to store my lady things,” she explains.

Caddy hack
Caddy hack by Alanna

10. Table lamp gets a designer makeover

The new trend in interiors is all about creating personalised spaces that reflect your individual style. We love how Amy gave the Kmart table lamp a designer makeover using peacock print fabric and shoe polish!

Kmart table lamp hack
Amy gives the table lamp a designer makeover

11. Memo board or lost sock holder?

Are lost socks a problem in your house? Kylie cam up with this great idea of using a memo board to ‘Help find my sole mate’, ha ha!

Memo board or lost sock holder
Memo board or lost sock holder?

12. Kmart hack everything kids room

This stylish kids room is packed full of Kmart hacks! From the cowhide bench seat to DIY bedhead using memo boards and dowel, it goes to show you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve an ultra-stylish kids room!

Kids room kmart hacks
Kids room with Kmart hacks galore

13. Veggie garden hack

It isn’t until you go to buy a DIY veggie garden kit from the hardware store that you realise just how expensive they are! Libby came up with this solution using free foam boxes from the green grocer that she wrapped in Kmart timber look contact. Not only are they affordable, they’re lightweight and easy to move about.

Veggie garden hack
Veggie garden hack

14. Towel rail as kids clothing rack

Whether it’s to hold dress up clothes in a play room or baby clothes in the nursery, check out how fab the bathroom towel holder works as a clothing rack!

Kmart towel rack as kids clothing rack
Kmart towel rack as kids clothing rack

15. Hanging planters as wall pockets

You’ve most likely seen the Scandi-style wall pockets from high-end design stores but they come with a high-end price tag. Ashleigh created a similar look using the Kmart hanging planters. Genius!

Hanging planters as wall pockets
Hanging planters as wall pockets

16. Bench seat as kids toy box

Struggling to contain kids toys in your house? Alana gave the outdoor bench from Kmart a stylish makeover by painting it a soft grey and applying timber letters to the face. “It fits so many toys in,” she says.

Toy box
Sweet toy box hack using outdoor bench seat

17. Bamboo drawer tidies as tiered spice rack

Well if this isn’t stylish, tell us what is!

“We made a DIY spice rack using the bamboo drawer tidy’s from Kmart by stacking them upside down to create a tiered effect,” says Fliss.

DIY Kmart hack spice rack
DIY spice rack by Fliss

18. Bookshelves become kids storage lockers

Mum of five, Jessica-Louise made this clever storage locker hack for her children. What a great solution that many busy parents will surely want to try themselves!

DIY storage locker
DIY storage locker by Jessica-Louise

19. Bamboo utensil holder as succulent garden

Forget using the bamboo utensil holder in the kitchen when it looks this darn good as a succulent garden! The diagonal cut opening just invites indoor plants to drip over the edge

Bamboo holder
Source unknown, image via Pinterest

20. Boho style pot plant holder

Isn’t it incredible what a bit of jute string can do? Turning this modern pot plant stand into a boho style piece that would easily pass a designer piece.

Jute pot plant holder
Source unknow, image via Pinterest
Kmart hacks

Top 20 Kmart hacks of 2017

1. Outdoor bench and planter box as internal bench and storage unit

Some people are so clever! Just check out how Belinda Leigh repurposed an outdoor Kmart bench seat and planter box into a stylish hallway bench and storage unit! The white paint gives it a real Hamptons vibe and she says she’s still looking for fabric to upholster the new foam cushion top.

Kmart bench
Belinda gave this bench seat and planter box a Hamptons makeover

2. Wall shelves as vertical succulent gardens

A clever hack by the people at Cobbitty Bake House, they added chicken wire backing to these Kmart shelves and used them as decorative succulent gardens.

coolest Kmart hacks
Kmart shelves on display as succulent gardens at Cobbitty Bake House

3. Hex wall pockets as laundry shelves

Bel is a regular in our #stylecuratorchallenge and we nearly fell backwards when we saw how beautifully she styled her laundry using all sorts of Kmart products in clever ways! The standout was how she used the hexagon wall pockets as laundry shelves!

Laundry shelves
Image via @bfree_style

4. Glass vases as ambient table lamps

You’ve most likely seen fairy lights put in mason jars but have you even seen them put into decorative vases and look this darn pretty?!

These would look gorgeous in a bedroom or living room. Simply unthread the twinkle lights (she used rose gold) and place them in the vase.

Kmart twinkle lights in vase
Image via Tango2Plus

5. Contact vinyl as laptop cover

Using $3 marble contact and $5 rose gold contact, Chase Woods created an on-trend geometric laptop cover. You can check out our tutorial (including a helpful video) on how to contact your laptop here.

Laptop cover using contact
Chase Woods created this on trend laptop cover

6. Bright baby play gym as stylish Nordic play gym

Ok, so this one is more of a makeover than a hack (because the item isn’t being used for a different purpose than it was designed) but this mama did such a fabulous job we just had to include it in our round up!

Play gyms are a life saver in the early months but my goodness are most of them hideous, ha ha! That is unless you give it a makeover by painting the unsightly bright colours in muted tones and replace the cheap plastic toys with on-trend wooden beads.

Kmart play gym before and after
Before and after pics by @homelearningfrombirth

7. Wire basket as bedside table

Talk about creating a luxe look for less! Nola cut the handles off a metallic wire basket and glued a white and pink check placemat on top to create this fab bedside table!

Bedside table hack by Nola Dixon

8. Bathroom trolley as pet foods station

We all know how unsightly and smelly pet bowls and open food packets can be in the home.

But just check out how clever this little Kmart hack is — turning a bathroom trolley into a pet food station complete with all the pet storage tins and food bowls too!

Use a trolley as a pet station
Clever Kmart hack by @renelfie

9. Contact vinyl as kitchen bench

When Beth Milburn was looking for an inexpensive way to update her kitchen until she could afford a total makeover, she used $3 Kmart marble contact to cover the gross yellow laminate!

Such a clever temporary solution to refresh your kitchen.

Kitchen before and after
Beth Milburn updated her kitchen using Kmart marble contact

And then inspired by Beth’s makeover, Eden gave her kitchen a timber-look transformation using the wood grain contact.

Another inexpensive way to makeover laminate kitchen benchtops is to give them a concrete finish — it’s more long-lasting than contact — and we have the full tutorial on how to create a concrete kitchen benchtop here.

Kitchen makeover
Kitchen makeover by Eden Cauchi

10. Pot plant stand as concrete top side table

Without wanting to toot our own horn, we love how this DIY concrete top side table turned out and for just $5 for a pot plant stand plus a couple of cups of concrete, it’s an incredibly affordable way of making your own stylish side table or pot plant table as we’re now using it!

11. Book shelf as open wardrobe

Rachel hacked this $15 book shelf and turned it into an open wardrobe for her son. By simply moving some of the shelving heights and adding a dowel rod for coat hangers, she was able to create an affordable and stylish storage solution!

Wardrobe hack
Rachel Newton transformed this book shelf into a wardrobe

12. Candle holders as geometric pendant lights

These geometric pendant lights cost just $7 each but you wouldn’t know it! Jessica’s clever husband spray painted the metallic candle holders black and drilled holes through them to make these stylish pendant lights.

Candle holders as pendant lights
Candle holders as pendant lights

13. Round shelf as on-trend moon shelf

This one is another makeover rather than a hack buuuut it’s so stylish it just had to go on the list too! Moon shapes and that ‘sleepy eye’ are trending in children’s interiors and we adore how this makeover turned out.

You can download the PDF to make and style this moon shelf on the Make and Style It blog here.

Kmart moon shelf
Bear and Sparrow gave this simple round shelf a stylish moon makeover

14. Kitchen canisters as succulent planters

Always looking for new ways to display indoor plants, these Kmart canisters look great as mini succulent gardens. Do as Amanda did and cluster several together, mixing patterns and sizes.

Succlent garden
Image via Amanda Rimes

15. Storage solutions used as organisers

Our Organised Hive makes no secret of loving Kmart and not just for their home decor! She’s used a bunch of storage solutions to organise her cupboards at home.

Here’s what she did:
1. Wire shelves (used in her crockery cupboard, fridge, saucepan/fry pan cupboard and craft cupboard)
2. Magnetic whiteboard (used for meal planning on the inside pantry door)
3. Vertical storage holder (used for baking trays)
4. Small pull out containers (used in fridge and laundry cupboards)
5. Dish rack (used in tupperware drawer)
6. Large pull out storage containers (used in pantry and craft cupboard)

Kmart storage
Our Organised Hive uses Kmart storage to organise her home

16. Belly belly baskets as laundry sorters

Such a fun hack idea, Studio DIY dip painted these belly belly baskets and used mod podge to adhere black letters to the face.

Belly belly basket makeover
Colourful hack idea by Studio DIY

17. Veggie caddy as vertical herb garden

What a fab vertical garden idea for small spaces! Amanda Graham used this vegetable storage unit as a stylish and space-saving way to grow her herbs.

DIY vertical herb garden
Amanda Graham found a clever and space saving way to grow herbs

18. Hexagon planter box as beehive vertical garden

Anyone who’s looked into buying a large vertical garden would know they are ex-pen-sive! Like, into the thousands expensive!

That’s why we were so excited to come up with this idea of joining multiple hexagon planter boxes into a beehive configuration to create an inexpensive and easy DIY alternative. Find the full tutorial here!

19. Towel rack as toy organiser

Joelle hacked the Kmart bamboo towel rack by changing where the pieces go to create awesome puzzle and toy storage. She used shower curtain rings from Kmart and curtain clips from IKEA with large ziplock bags. Genius!

Kmart towel rack hack
Joelle Skinner converted a towel rack into a practical toy organiser

20. Wire storage baskets as vertical herb garden

Another fab herb garden idea! This time Melanie lined black wire baskets with planter liners and hooked these onto a slatted wall to create a vertical herb garden.

Herb garden baskets
Melanie Lewis used black wire baskets to create a stylish vertical herb garden

Have you spotted any other cool Kmart hacks? Share a link to them in the comments below so we can all check them out!

Check out all our Kmart hacks here


  1. I hacked the kmart round photo frame into a young girls storage display for nail polishes and creams and the rectangle storage shelves into a hot chocolate station. Pics on my Instagram page kazzagirl09 for those who want to see it.

    • Hi Karen, thanks so much for sharing your hacks – both look fab! We’d be drinking hot chocolate all day long if we had that drink station in the office!

  2. Hi
    I have done quite a few Kmarthacks on my Instagram Account @lookwhat _i_found also just started a Facebook Account The Bargain Hacker. You are welcome to use if you’re interested?

    • Hi Michelle, thanks so much for sharing your account. Great hacks and I love how you share Insta stories explaining how you made them 🙂

    • Hi Rae, I’d love to see these pictures but the links say the page isn’t available – did you share it in a private group or is your profile private?

  3. Wow, so many great ideas on this list! The boys wardrobe and lego storage ideas are totally happening this weekend for my son’s bedroom. Thank you!


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