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The fun, quirky and rainbow abstract art from Anna Price Art

A burst of joy and colour, the rainbow abstract art from Anna Price Art is sure to brighten your day. With paintings called Unicorn vomit and Bin chicken, Anna is an artist who doesn’t take herself too seriously and just wants to have a whole lot of fun!

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Anna Price in her studio in front of a large abstract artwork
Abstract artist Anna Price
Colourful rainbow abstract artwork called Unicorn Vomit by Anna Price
This painting is called Unicorn vomit. We told you Anna was fun!

Anna’s journey to becoming an artist, like her art, was a colourful one.

“I’m based in Sydney where I live with my husband, 4 kids and a border collie pup. I thrive on spinning plates and embracing chaos,” says Anna with a smile.

“Previously, I was an interior designer for 15 years. I specialised in modular design — specifically retrofitting shipping containers! I designed a 6 storey student accommodation at ANU in Canberra. It was made from 200+ shipping containers. I’ve also designed multiple shipping container shops, cafes and offices.

“I had 4 kids in 4 years, and after that, had a yearning to move away from my screen-based design work to do more with my hands. But I wasn’t sure how that would, or could, transpire.

“In 2019, we completed a barn-house renovation and I had a lot of white walls to fill. I did a painting which I ended up donating to the local kindy fundraiser… and it sold for $800! I then started to do more and more pieces, commissions for friends and friends of friends, while documenting the process on Instagram.”

Anna Price on a crate looking at artwork
Colourful rainbow abstract artwork called Ker Bloom by Anna Price
Colourful rainbow abstract artwork called Rainbow by Anna Price

During 2020, Anna leaned into her new found love of painting.

“When the pandemic hit, all of my design work got pulled. I was stuck at home with 4 small children so I started painting whenever I found a moment,” Anna recalls.

“My Instagram started to grow and so did my orders! At the end of 2020, I found a local space for lease and I set it up as my own studio gallery, and things just grew from there.

“I now release original artworks each month, have an online custom print shop with over 150 artworks and a line of art-print apparel (Apart The Label).

“Painting started as a side hustle, but it’s definitely a full-time job now.”

Colourful rainbow abstract artwork called Bloom 2 by Anna Price
Colourful rainbow abstract artwork called Beach Life by Anna Price

There’s no denying that Anna’s rainbow abstract art has a serious sense of fun about it.

“My attention span is too short to stick to one style for too long. I’ll love what I’m working on, but move on quickly. I’ll often end up oscillating between multiple styles. It’s worked well, because there is something to suit most tastes.

“I paint what I see,” Anna says. “I’m inspired by people, objects, my surroundings, geometric shapes, bright colours and kids literature.

I’m not a planner. I just start painting like a bull at a gate. If I have a fresh white canvas, I just bust it open and start. My paintings are often thick with layers which wouldn’t be the case if I were a planner.

When we asked Anna what inspires her colour palettes, her answer just made our day!

“I don’t really have anything that inspires my colour palettes. I’m just driven by the goal of making colours not look shit together,” Anna laughs.

“I have always struggled with getting colour palettes right. Whenever I add yellow, I hate my work and everything is better when I go over the yellow.”

Colourful rainbow abstract artwork called Wildflower Four by Anna Price
Pink abstract artwork by Anna Price called Big Banana 1

Keen for all to have access to beautiful art, Anna creates originals and prints of her wonderful colourful creations.

“When I have a new original release coming up, I announce it on my Instagram with plenty of notice.

“My online custom print shop is a great option for those working with a budget. We use the same canvas and Australian timbers that my originals are painted on,” Anna explains.

“They’re handcrafted in Mornington, Victoria. We print with archival inks on canvas (or cotton rag paper) and deliver them framed. The quality is so exceptional that it’s difficult to tell a print from an original.”

How much fun are the rainbow abstract art pieces from Anna Price Art?! To discover more of her colourful pieces and see what other adventures she is up to, visit her website or give her a follow on Instagram.

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Colourful rainbow abstract artwork called Self Raising Flower 2 by Anna Price
Bin chicken artwork by Anna Price
Abstract artist Anna Price in front of of artworks
Colourful rainbow abstract artwork called Conniption One by Anna Price
Yellow beach artwork by Anna Price
Colourful rainbow abstract artwork called Mini Riot by Anna Price
Colourful rainbow abstract artwork called Pom Pom by Anna Price
Colourful rainbow abstract artwork called Wildflower Two by Anna Price
Beach artwork in pinks and blues by Anna Price
Colourful rainbow abstract artwork called Bird of Paradise by Anna Price
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