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Abstract art is one of the most popular art forms in Australia, and across the world. At Style Curator, we aim to bring you the best, brightest and most talented artists around.

With a passion for Australian art, we love nothing more than discovering, meeting and interviewing talented artists and makers from across the country. We also enjoy featuring international artists, too.

There is so much incredible abstract art out there! To get your fill, take a look through the many artist and maker profile and interviews on Style Curator. From bright and bold abstract art, to soft and sensual. There’s so much variety and unique art to discover on the blog.

Hearing the artists inspiration and what drives their passion and signature style. There are heart-warming stories to learn and those juggling their love for art alongside their everyday work and family life.

Abstract art comes in many forms: Textural wall sculptures in bold colours. Paintings with multiple layers and depth. Woven wall hangings with texture and warmth. Colour block artworks in splashes of colour. There’s something for every style with an array of talented artist interviews to read and discover on Style Curator.

The story-tellers behind these creations often have their very own incredible stories to tell. And that’s what we uncover when we chat to the many talented artists and makers that we interview on the blog.

Read the stories that we uncover as we hear about the meaning behind the art. Learn from the artists as they explain their use of colours, where they take their inspiration from, and how they form their incredible works of art.

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