Bathroom DIY ideas that are actually stylish

It’s true, there is such a thing as a stylish bathroom DIY idea!

While Pinterest may be overrun with different ways to display your toilet paper (no comment), some of our favourite bloggers are showing how it’s done.

1. Paper mache jewellery bowl

Paper mache jewellery bowl via Sugar & Cloth
Paper mache jewellery bowl via Sugar & Cloth

If you’re not already all over Sugar + Cloth, her blog is beautiful and each week she shares new DIYs (especially great for festive styling). We love this idea to hold jewellery or hair pins. Read more about creating the jewellery bowl here.

2. Concrete trivet

Concrete trivet

Trays and trivets make a great base to style your hand soaps, candles and other bathroom decor. We made this super simple concrete trivet and show you step-by-step with pictures how you can do the same. Find the tutorial for this modern bathroom trivet here.

3. Bath bookshelf

Bath book shelf
Bath shelf via Snippets of Design

Who doesn’t love unwinding in bath with a great book and heavily candle scents? Well Amber from Snippets of Design has put together an easy DIY on how to create a bookshelf for your bath — practical when you’re using the bath (no more soggy book pages!) and a great way to add more style to your bathroom.

Or for a more modern and sleek version, you may like to try our simple bath tray pictured below. Find the full tutorial here.

Towel over bath shelf

4. Vanity tray

Vanity tray via Glitter Guide
Vanity tray via Glitter Guide

Talk about pretty! Convert a cake serving tray into a stylish way to display jewellery and makeup on your vanity. See more of Amanda Dawbarn’s stylish home via the Glitter Guide blog.

5. Copper captain’s mirror

copper mirror via Makers Society
Copper mirror via Makers Society

Round captain’s mirrors are a hot design trend right now and the people at Makers Society have taken the trend to the next level with their copper mirror. Check it out now for easy to follow, step-by-step guide.

There you have 5 bathroom DIY ideas that we would be happy to feature in our homes. Have you seen other stylish ideas for the bathroom? Share them in the comments below!


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