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If there’s one thing we know you (and we!) love, it’s budget friendly styling ideas. And boy do we have some amazing ones for you here on Style Curator!

We love homewares and decor probably more than the average person. We love luxe buys and special pieces, but reality is, we can’t always afford those incredible brands. And that’s where budget friendly tips and tricks come in!

From Kmart hacks, Big W hacks or IKEA hacks. From DIY projects to high street buys at bargain prices. We’ve got you covered to make your house feel like a home without the extravagant price tag.

And it is not just the usual bargain homewares and furniture stores that we dig through to bring you the best bargain buys. We find small businesses and little makers bringing you beautiful, unique pieces at budget friendly prices.

We also explore how to take those store-bought pieces and make them unique or a little bit different. Because while we love the stylish, on-trend homewares and decor, we also LOVE a DIY project to make it unique and a little bit more ‘you’.

From super quick projects to bigger home makeover ideas, Style Curator has plenty of budget friendly styling ideas to keep your home, and wallet, happy!

We have budget styling ideas for every room of the house. From the kitchen, laundry, kids rooms, living rooms and even the outdoors. If you’re looking for more budget friendly styling tips, tricks and ideas, we’ve got you covered.

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