Bathroom look we love: Round mirrors

A bathroom trend that we can’t get enough of right now is round mirrors!

Small or large, frameless or with a rim, metallic or coloured… we’re sure you’ll find a bathroom look to love from this round up of bathroom inspiration we’ve curated.

Here are our favourite bathrooms that feature a round mirror. Tell us your fave in the comments below!

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Copper round mirror in bathroom
Image via Super Front

Round mirrors are a great way to add softness and curves to all of the hard lines of a bathroom. As you’ll see in this gallery, there’s a round mirror to suit almost every interior style.

Style your vanity
Gina’s bathroom, see more photos here
Erskineville main bathroom_bath and tiles
When one isn’t enough, use two round mirrors! Our Erskineveille project, see more photos here

A tip when shopping for bathroom mirrors is to look for ones that are ‘copper free’. Although these mirrors are a tad more expensive, they can last 3 times longer as they are resistant to humidity, moisture and corrosion. Mirrors that contain copper will eventually bubble, discolour and corrode from moisture.

Black round mirrors and black bathroom vanity
Image via Decor Pad
Round mirror against marble tile wall
Image via CM Studio
Bathroom after
Bathroom by ACT Renovations, see more photos here

As well as standard round mirrors, you can also find shaving cabinets with a round mirror on the face. That means you can have the benefit of hidden storage (a cabinet that is recessed into your wall cavity) with the sleek appearance of a round mirror.

Industrial style bathroom
Image via Oracle Fox
Bathroom vanity
Bathroom design by Yolk, see more photos here

Which of these bathrooms with round mirrors was your favourite? We’d love to know if you’re planning a renovation or new build and what bathroom ideas you’re considering x

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