Gina’s home: Black and white bathroom reveal

This week I restyled my bathroom and thought it would be a good time to finally share this space with you! I’ve previously shared little corners of my bathroom, like when we shared our budget bathroom styling tips and our DIY bath tray, but never the full space.

Keep on reading for details on all the products I used and inspiration for the space. Next week, I’ll share a post about the bathroom mistakes I made and how you can avoid them!

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Free standing bathtub with black tap
Bathroom vanity with round mirror
Double shower

Bathroom design inspiration

The inspiration for the bathroom started with tiles. I ummed and ahhed for a long time about what tiles to use. When I was initially planning the bathroom, I thought a marble tile feature wall would be beautiful but as it got closer to locking in the tile choices there was an overload of marble bathrooms on TV and social media β€” I began to feel like this luxe feature wouldn’t feel that special.

So that’s when I went back to my moodboard (aka a dining room wall I converted into an oversized inspiration board) and spotted a bathroom with black and white diamond patterned tiles. At a local tile shop I found a black and white petal tile that I fell in love with right away. It’s a concrete (or encaustic) tile that feels much softer underfoot than porcelain or ceramic tiles.

With the floor tile becoming the feature, we opted for a softer wall tile. This matte white handmade subway tile has a lovely organic texture that adds texture to the space. These ones are made in Spain but there is a more affordable option now available from China.

Bathroom vanity styling
Black and white bathroom products

Bathroom styling

Styling-wise I wanted to play with the black and white palette but didn’t want the space to feel too contemporary or stark so I injected some natural products like the timber accents, terrazzo tray and natural brushes. The Turkish towels also have a gorgeous texture that helps to soften things.

Indoor plants fill this space and I move plants about in my home quite a bit (although I know they say you shouldn’t do this as it can give them ‘shock’ and kill them). At the moment there is a chain of hearts plant on the window sill, fiddle leaf fig by the bath, jade plant on the vanity and string of pearls in the shower.

The hero piece has got to be that oversized mirror that I got from Curious Grace though! It’s 1m in diameter and I love how it draws your eye as soon as you enter the bathroom.

Bathroom front on
Turkish towels in bathroom
Bathtub from above
  • Do you have any questions about my black and white bathroom? Pop them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap.

More from my home

Black shower
Bathroom shelf
Black mirror
Bath tray

*Disclaimer: some products featured in this post were gifted.

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    1. Hello I was curious to know the width of your shower, we are building and like yours we wanted the shower on the back wall to be spacious but in my head our width is 2.5m and I think it might look slightly too large. So would be good to see from a visual perspective how wide yours is?


    2. Did you centre the mirror on your basin or the vanity? We are proposing a left hand basin on a 1500cm vanity, with a long pendant to the right side or just off the side of the vanity… the mirror would likely be 80-100cm round – would you centre the mirror to the vanity or the sink?

    3. Love this! I have been looking for round mirrors with black trim, was wondering what the dimensions are for this mirror as I am not sure what size to buy, Thanks!

      • Thank you Amy. I bought the 1m diameter mirror (Flynn large size) which creates this oversized look but I think the medium with 80cm diameter would also look great x

    4. Beautiful! I am searching for tiles just like your wall tiles. Can I ask if they are matte or sating finish? And white or off white?
      I would love the tile information if you are able to share.
      Thank you.

      • Hi Sarah, thanks for your lovely comment. The wall tiles are matte white (these ones are handmade in Spain but there’s now a cheaper Chinese copy). I’m not sure where you’re based but these are from Tile Republic in Canberra. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you Nala, that’s so lovely of you. We used 1.5mm spaces but because of the uneven shape of our tiles, the grout line becomes 3mm… if that makes sense? If we used a factory made rather than a handmade tile, they would look much closer together. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

    5. Gorgeous bathroom! Love the black and white tiles. I have been stressing over my tile choice and concerned that the encaustic tiles are too much work. I’ve heard they need to be sealed, is this an issue or something the tiler can do?

      • Hi Suellen, they definitely need to be sealed as they have a porous surface. We sealed the tiles ourselves just to keep costs of trades down but your tiler can/should do this for you. To be safe, we sealed the tiles once before they were laid and then once after they were laid and cleaned with a special tile cleaner. You should then clean the tiles with a proper tile cleaner and seal the tiles once a year. Also throughout the year, be careful not to use any acidic or bleach cleaners on the tiles (you need to treat them in a similar way as you would natural stone). It sounds like a lot of work but it really isn’t and I just love how they look. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

    6. Yay, I love reveals and this is a great one! The wall tiles are beautiful, I like a patterned floor tile for something different and I am strangely crushing on your shower shelf! I went to a lot of trouble incorporating wall niches and ledges into our bathrooms but it’s nice to see a wall mount shelf look so damn good. The mirror is def the standout πŸ™‚ I’ve chosen one for our powder room, I hope it looks half as good as this! Love everything about this room (the bath is gorgeous too) – awesome job x

      • Oh thanks for your super lovely comment Jane ? That shower shelf is actually one of my ‘mistakes’ that I’ll be sharing next week but thankfully shower shelves have come a long way and I could find one to fit the space, ha ha. Makes me feel better to read you like it! Can’t wait to see your bathroom once it’s finished! How is your Reno going? You had such a big landscaping job, hope it wasn’t too stressful to finish! Xx

        • I would never have guessed it was a mistake, I’ll keep my eye out for that post! The reno and landscaping are finished so now it’s just a mad dash to the finish line to get the styling done and all those little jobs that take 5 x longer than you expect hehe. We should be live one way or another by the end of this week!


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