Big W hacks to organise or add affordable style to your home

There are few things we enjoy more than styling and organising the home… except perhaps finding a good bargain. So when you combine all three, we couldn’t be happier!

Big W keeps upping their game with stylish and affordable decor and home organisation solutions, and with a few hacks or personalisations, these are often made to look even better.

Here’s our round up of the best Big W hacks to organise or add affordable style to your home.

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Storage baskets turn pendant lights

Have you been lusting after cane or wicker pendant lights for your home but cannot afford the hundreds they generally cost? Enter the cane storage basket hack! Using DIY plugin pendant lights (less than $10 from Bunnings) and Big W’s storage baskets, Alex created the rattan pendant light look she wanted for a whole lot less.

Pendant light Big W hacks
Pendant light hack by @starting.small

Summer-inspired key holder

Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to hold your keys? Justine created this key holder using the $5 pineapple memo board and a few hooks. Perfect for hanging your keys and leaving little notes, like remembering to pick up milk!

Pineapple memo board
Hack by Justine M.

Kodu furniture hacks

Technically more personalisations that hacks we suppose, but still, it’s hard not to be impressed by how people are putting their own spin on the oh-so-popular Kodu furniture range from Big W. From painting sections of the furniture to installing leather pull handles and even installing a full wall of Kodu sideboards, here are a couple of our faves.

Furniture Big W hacks
Bedside table hack by @our.kotara.cottage
Sideboard Big W hacks
Big W hack by @littleboholane

Fridge organisation

Talk about fridge goals!! Amira used a range of storage boxes, trays and tupperware containers to organise her fridge like a pro!

Not only does her fridge look great, she’s made her life easier by preparing and organising school lunches for the week. She says it’s her secret to keeping sane and the kids happy, he he.

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Bamboo lid container
Bamboo lid container
Swag bags
Swag bags
Fridge labels
Fridge labels
Drink dispenser
Drink dispenser
Fridge organiser set
Fridge organiser set
Bamboo lid container
Bamboo lid container
Swag bags
Swag bags
Fridge labels
Fridge labels
Drink dispenser
Drink dispenser
Fridge organiser set
Fridge organiser set
Fridge organisation
Image by @dusk2illdawn

Toilet brush holder becomes minimalist vase

Can’t find the perfect white vase? Perhaps you’ll love Anne-Marie’s idea of looking outside the box and using the white toilet brush holders instead. Talk about an affordable and stylish modern vase!

Toilet brush vase
Hack by Anne-Marie M.

Cane basket turns side table

You saw these baskets as pendant lights at the top of this list and now we’re doing one better — introducing the Big W hack side table! Using the large storage basket and a wooden tray from Kmart, Rachel created this compact coffee table or side table for under $40! Such a clever lady!

Cane basket side table Big W hacks
Big W hack table by @mymermaidhome

Plain cushion + Sharpie = Adorable kids cushion

Ok so this one is more of a makeover than a hack but it’s so stylish that we had to share it! Using the plain white Big W cushion with fray edge and a Sharpie pen, this clever mama created a lion cushion for her kid’s room that looks 3 times the price!

Big W hacks cushion
Hack by @style_n_mum

Quilt cover or abstract art?

Adding colour and life to your walls can quickly add up so Rebecah got super creative with her very own Big W dooner cover hack!

Using three large frames and the $9 Big W quilt cover, she created a bold and colourful gallery wall #winnerwinnerchickendinner

Quilt cover art
Image by Rebecah J.

Photo frame turns key holder

Another key holder hack is this beautiful idea by Katrina. She took the Big W family photo frame, placed a meaningful photo in it and attached hooks to the bottom to hold keys. Try it yourself so each time you leave or come home, you’ll be reminded by the memory the photo holds.

Photo key holder
Hack by Katrina P.

Chopping board becomes ‘my first’ board

Want to take cute school pics with your children at the start of each year? Why not also make this ‘my first’ board like Jessica using a Big W cutting board, and white and blackboard paint?

Because the blackboard paint wipes clean, you can reuse the board over and over as your children go through school, tracking their age, height and dreams.

My first board
Hack by Jessica B.

Kitchen canister makes for stylish vase

Another modern and affordable vase idea is to use Big W’s earthy kitchen canister with lid as a vase.

Forget storing cookies or other kitchen products in it when flowers look so darn pretty!

We loved this solution for our recent autumn bedroom scene — nothing like mixing higher end and affordable pieces together to create a luxe look for less!

Bedside details
Our Big W vase hack

Sensory play for toddlers

Ok, so not quite a styling or organising hack but we know many parents with young kids will LOVE this idea.

Early childhood educators always talk about the importance of ‘sensory play’ to encourage children to explore and discover through play — and like Lucinda, you can create your own sensory play station at home using all these pieces from Big W.

Sensory play
Hack by Lucinda S.

Personalised hanger storage

And technically this is also more of a personalisation than a hack but it’s way too pretty not to share!

Simply painting the house hanger storage from Big W in a colour to suit her child’s room and styling it with some sweet toys and decor, Van created the perfect statement piece in her daughter’s room.

House storage
Hack by Van N.

Memo board turns accessories organiser

Another stylish idea for a kids room or nursery is to use the geometric memo board for holding accessories.

This pic by @theocdbychristine_ shows how you can turn your child’s adorable accessories into wall art… because let’s face it, 9 times out of 10 our kids have a better wardrobe than we do!

Festive door mat

When special occasions like Christmas and Easter roll around, we love sprinkling festive cheer all around our home.

In minutes, it’s easy to create a festive door mat like this bunny door mat we created for Easter, to set a welcoming first impression. Find the details on how to make your own here.

Bunny doormat

Which of these Big W hacks was your favourite or have you created one of your own? We’d love to see it and possibly add it to this list! Email it to us at or let us know in the comment section below!

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