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Coffee table styling is one of our favourite surfaces to style. It’s a relatively small surface, meaning you don’t need much to make it look amazing.

We love switching up our coffee table styling with the seasons. Some of our favourite coffee table decor pieces include a stack of beautiful home interior books. You can never go wrong with using crystals as a decor piece on your coffee table. An indoor plant, greenery or fresh flowers is always a good idea in our minds!

Interior Stylist and Editor of Style Curator, Gina Ciancio offers this advice. Contrast is the name of the game. Use high and low elements. Go for slimmer pieces (like a candle stick) and wider (such as stack of books). Use hard objects (like a metal bell or crystal) with soft (such as a woven basket). A stack of books or tray is also an easy way to create a base. Then you can place items on top of for a confident and layered look.

We talk to even more experts on Style Curator, bringing them in to get their best tips, tricks and ideas on coffee table styling. Some of the suggestions include to layer items on trays and create different heights with your styling pieces. There’s even videos showing you just how to style your coffee table.

We love coffee table styling as a way to create a real focal point in your living room, without too much effort. It’s a great idea to shop your home, finding decor pieces from other rooms of your house to use as styling props on your coffee table. It means you can style your coffee table on the regular, without any additional cost, and keep things stylish, fresh, new and exciting. Happy styling!

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