Make a serious statement with black floors — think hardwood, concrete, tile or carpet

In the home, black anything adds drama. But one place in the home that is often overlooked when using black… is on the floor. Be it hardwood, concrete, tile or carpet, black floors make a serious — and unexpected — design statement.

Keep scrolling through this curated gallery for tonnes of inspiration and ideas on how and where to use black floors throughout the home.

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Baisol design kitchen
Image via Biasol

Black hardwood floors

When it comes to timber flooring, black hardwood floors might not immediately spring to mind. But it’s a fab way to dial up the drama of a space.

Black wood floors work with a variety of colour palettes and interior styles, so don’t be afraid to embrace them. Paired with bright white walls, it’s sleek and sophisticated. Added to a dark interior and it’s cosy yet moody.

Something to keep in mind is they are prone to scuffs and scratches so perhaps not the best choice for households with pets and kids. However, if your heart is set on black wood flooring, you can add special finishes to make them more durable.


Black glossy timber floors are divine. They’re so versatile, as we can see in this modern heritage Victorian entrance; a chilled and pared back boho bedroom; or mis-matched eclectic space.

Curved ornate doorways with black floors
The Lodging, Fremantle via est living
Boho bedroom with black floors
Image via digsdigs
Black polished floors in dining space
Sourced Image via Pintrest


You can also embrace the imperfections of natural timber and opt for a rustic black timber floor. They work just as well in a vintage kitchen and dining room, or in an elegant art deco bedroom suite.

Boho rustic wood floors
Image via Coco Kelley
Eclectic bedroom with wallpaper and black floors
My small space UK via Houzz

Herringbone or chevron

We know we’re not supposed to play favourites, but black timber floors laid in a herringbone or chevron pattern gives us major heart eyes. They’re the epitome of sophistication.

They work in a range of home styles such as the mudroom entrance in this beautiful contemporary farmhouse. Or, as a modern feature in this traditional but next level stylish home.

Modern farmhouse mudroom
Image via Karen Berkemeyer
Black herringbone timber floors in modern traditional home
Image via Biasol


If you have a modern home, or perhaps you’re designing a Hampton’s style home, black flooring can definitely work for you. Black wood floors laid in a simple pattern or with the boards set close together can give the room a sleek, streamlined look.

Modern minimalist living room with black floors
Image via digsdigs
Black timber kitchen floors
Image via Houzz

Black polished concrete floors

Concrete floors are such a fab option in the home. They make a serious statement, are durable, easy to clean and just downright gorgeous. They’re also often a more cost-effective choice and have a long life-span.

Simple and sophisticated

An industrial style home like the one pictured just screams out for black polished concrete floors, don’t you think?! And yet, they also work perfectly in a Scandi interior or even in the quirky colour-pop bedroom seen below.

Eclectic bedroom with black concrete floors
Image via Houzz

Texture or detail

To add another element of wow to your polished concrete black floors, take a look at these for inspo. A feather finish or the addition of speckled aggregate are great if you want to add some subtle detail to your concrete floors. Not only do they look fab, they help to hide mess which is always a bonus!

Polished concrete floors in living area
Image via nextluxury
Speckled concrete floors
Image via nextluxury

Black tile floors

For a more durable black floor option, tiles are the perfect choice. While people often think of tiles for bathrooms, they can be used in every zone of the home.

There’s no such thing as just a black tile… keep scrolling to see some of the options available in terms of size, shapes, patterns and materials. We’re betting you’ll want to take a trip to your local tile store, stat!


Laying your black tiles in a herringbone pattern adds another layer of interest and texture to your floors. It’s generally more pricey to lay tiles in a herringbone pattern but wouldn’t you agree it’s totally worth it?!

Black herringbone tile floor
Image via Decor Pad

Natural stone tiles

Keeping the herringbone theme going, you can take things up a notch by investing in natural stone tiles. Take a look at how beautiful those black marble tiles and bluestone tiles look in the spaces below. Swoon!

You can find natural stone tiles in all sorts of shapes and sizes though, including penny round, hexagon, square, fish scale, Kitkat and more.

Herringbone tile in black entrance
Kaiken Photography via Houzz
Modern country style laundry with green cabinetry
Mud room of Kate Walker Designs | Take the laundry and mudroom tour

Black hexagon tiles

Another pattern of tile that can elevate your space is the classic hexagon. Big or small, hexagon floor tiles will never go out of style! It’s a way of making a bold impact with colour and pattern.

These pics show just how important grout choice is when tiling. Create a moody vibe by using a dark grout or emphasise the shape with a light grout.

For more tips on choosing the right grout, take a look at this article.

Honeycomb tile_bathroom_farmhouse_via Pintrest
Image via Pintrest
Black pennyround tile with black grout
Sourced Image via Apartment Therapy
Black and white bathroom with gold accents
Image via Pintrest

Stretcher brick bond

The splashback and coloured cabinetry are the true stars of this laundry and mudroom, however it’s the floor tiles that really finish it off.

A simple black tile laid in a stretcher brick bond gives this space more drama than if a light, neutral tile had been used.

The same pattern in a black concrete-look tile has been used in this Hamptons style mudroom and laundry. The timber accents add warmth to the space and prevent it feeling too stark.

Laundry and mudroom with black ceramic floors
Image via Houzz

Heritage tile flooring

Talk about a statement! This heritage pattern floor tile entry, with its gorgeous stained glass door, allows the floors to be the star of the show. These heritage tiled floors are bold, but we totally dig it.

You can also find plenty of inspiration images on Pinterest using encaustic tiles which as slightly larger and generally easier to source. Just be aware cement tiles require more maintenance than porcelain. Gina shares tips to caring for encaustic tiles here.

Large format tiles

Tiles aren’t just for wet areas of the home. They also work well in the kitchen and main living areas. Bigger rooms can handle large format tiles, making rooms feel larger and more luxe.

Be sure to add some lighter elements through furniture or wall and cabinetry colour if you want to avoid it feeling too dark.

Black tiles in kitchen
Image via TileBar
Black floor tiles in living room
Via Hackrea
Living room with tiled floor
Image via Cerrad

Black carpet

Ahh the old classic flooring option… carpet. Except we’re talking black carpet which isn’t commonly seen. We don’t really know why because as you’ll see from these pics — it totally works!.

Sure, it’s a little less forgiving than a standard grey carpet, but it looks so plush adds a depth of elegance to the room.

Black carpet in bedroom with four poster bed
The Lodging, Fremantle via est living
Teen bedroom with black carpet
Image from William Homes Inc via Houzz
Black carpet in modern bedroom
From Auhaus Architecture via Houzz

What did you think of our gallery of black floors? Do you love them or loathe them? Which material is your fave? Has it inspired you to go with black floors at your place? Tell us in the comment section below!

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