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There’s just something so special about heritage home design and inspiration, don’t you think?!

Come with us as we explore loads of heritage homes, showcasing unique designs and incredible original features. From original fireplaces to beautiful flooring, homes with those heritage features are just ones we love to discover.

There are homes with incredible original features which are becoming so rare. It’s amazing when they get the care, love and attention they need to bring them back to their former glory.=

It’s obvious that so many features on homes are just ‘not made like the olden days’. It can be incredibly difficult to find craftsmen and women who restore such features, so when we find homes that have been saved, it’s something we have to explore and bring to you on the blog.

We bring you articles about how to add colour to Victorian style homes. Living in a home with ornate original features can be wonderful, but scary too! You want to bring it into the modern day world but without taking away from its original beauty. We chat to the experts on how to make it happen.

We take you through traditional Federation homes, given simple yet beautiful makeovers. There are homes which find the perfect balance of modern with heritage. We know that giving a heritage home a modern makeover is no easy feat. It must adhere to strict guidelines to retain its historic integrity. It also needs to adapt to meet the lifestyle needs of today.

For so much heritage home design and inspiration, find it with us here on Style Curator.

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