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The Block Glasshouse: Apartment 6 week 2 room reveals

There’s nothing like The Block Glasshouse: Apartment 6 week 2 room reveals!

We got to see the second week of rooms from the Apartment 6, officially wrapping up all rooms on The Block Glasshouse series.

“I can’t believe it’s over. That’s it,” said Michael, and neither can we! Here are our highlights.

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Michael and Carlene’s laundry

“It’s fairly paired back as far as colour goes but it’s hardly boring,” said Carlene of their laundry.

Michael and Carlene’s laundry was also the first room the judges walked through and they were blown away.

Shaynna said it feels like she had walked into a hotel and was captivated by the whole area. She especially loved the beautiful matte stone bench top and how it works with gloss sink. “Stunning attention to detail,” she said later.

Their choice of light also got Neale’s tick of approval. “It definitely feels like the ultimate laundry powder room with the ultimate laundry light — ultimate light all together!” said Neale. He also complimented the very contemporary but classic styling.

Real estate expert, John McGrath, joined the judging panel this week (in place of Darren Palmer) and he said this laundry “goes to a whole new level” and that it could also be a significant room in helping to sell the apartment.

Michael and Carlene took out first prize and will have a pretty $20,000 taken off their apartment’s reserve price at auction.

Michael and Carlene laundry and powder room
Michael and Carlene laundry and powder room
Michael and Carlene powder room vanity
Matte bench top and light scored big points
Soft grey wall tiles
Soft grey wall tiles

Max and Karstan’s terrace

All there judges were wowed as they stepped onto Max and Karstan’s terrace.

“Magnificient!” said Shaynna, and Neale was quick to say he couldn’t agree more with that comment.

John said “This is the impression you want — almost breath taking.” He also pointed out that as Apartment 6 has no windows, it was crucial to have the terrace done right.

Neale also thought the whole design was cleverly done. “The elevated vertical garden is genius,” he said.

The fake grass, floor-to-ceiling timber panelling, and restrained styling had Shaynna convinced that Carlene styled the space. Nope, Max and Karstan just took the best elements from all the outdoor spaces to create the ultimate terrace. Copycats or clever — you tell us!

Coming second place again, Max and Karstan scored an additional $15,000 off their reserve price at auction, making that a total $30,000 off their reserve price.

Max and Karstan terrace
Max and Karstan terrace
Max and Karstan terrace
Garden courtyard is an extension of the kitchen
In-built BBQ
In-built BBQ
Bench seating
Bench seating
Clever tree planting
Clever tree planting

Darren and Dee’s kitchen

We’ll give it to Dee, that woman’s got style!

The judges were immediately drawn to their matte black island bench. “Matte stuff is amazing, what a gorgeous tactile feeling,” said Shaynna. Neale also pointed out it was a new technology called Fenix.

“This colour is the new white,” said Neale of their olive taupe cabinetry. He also thought there was high sophistication in their styling, pointing out the wooden pendants and artwork were really well resolved.

As if the kitchen itself was ah-mazing enough, they stepped further into the butler’s pantry and Shaynna was almost knocked off her feet, “Is this pantry like appliance heaven?!”

They scored big points for being generally cohesive. Further for clever choices with colour, surface and textures that are very high end. “Whoever created this space has a nose for luxury surfaces,” said Neale.

Darren and Dee finished in third place this week, taking a further $10,000 off their reserve price at auction, also giving them a total $30,000 off their auction reserve price.

Darren and Dee kitchen
Darren and Dee kitchen
Breakfast bar
Breakfast bar
Darren and Dee appliances and lighting
Well thought out layout and appliances

Simon and Shannon’s rooftop

These boys had one shocker of a week to try and get an outdoor space finished.

“It was one of the wettest, windiest and coldest weeks in Melbourne,” said Shaynna.

At least they managed to pull through and deliver.

Neale was willing to give them 10 out of 10 just for that fire pit, “That is one beautiful fire pit.”

Despite the fire pit being a hit with all the judges — “a real master piece” — they did get marked down for their furniture choice. Neale said it didn’t feel right and he expected something much more contemporary.

Shaynna loves practicality so the heat strips and louvers got her attention. “It’s a great outdoor area you can use all year round.”

While they also scored points for the gorgeous nook in the corner and pots on the wall, it wasn’t enough to place them in the top 3. They didn’t walk away with any additional money this week but will have $10,000 taken off their reserve price from their win last week.

Shannon and Simon rooftop
Shannon and Simon rooftop terrace
The 10/10 fire pit
The 10/10 fire pit
Spectacular view
Spectacular view
Practical louvers for all year use
Practical louvers for all year use

Chris and Jenna’s living and dining rooms

“We think we’ve ticked the boxes” said Jenna before the judges’ comments were read out.

First impressions from the judges seemed to be good. Shaynna “loved the flooring” and Neale also felt the sofa, styling and table were well resolved — not something we often hear in Chris and Jenna’s rooms.

But then their attention turned towards the white wall that the TV was mounted on. Neale said there’s just no point of interest except the TV. As Shaynna sat on the sofa, all she could see was herself in the black gloss laminate and couldn’t help but laugh.

John tried to look for something positive to say and quickly made his way to the dining space which he loved, especially the vibe of the painting. Shaynna thought the Scandinavian sideboard was something the boys would use but Neale thought the colours in the artwork and black gloss in the living room were very Max and Karstan.

Overall, despite the judges saying the execution of the rooms was excellent, the competition was too tight this week and Chris and Jenna finished as the underdogs for a second week in a row. That means there will be no money taken off their apartment’s reserve price at auction.

Chris and Jenna dining and living room
Chris and Jenna dining and living room
Living room
Living room
View out to terrace
View out to terrace
Dining area
Dining area

Images via Jumpin The Block Glasshouse.

What are your thoughts on The Block Glasshouse: Apartment 6 week 2 rooms? Who had the best design and style? Should Max and Karstan have really have come second for a room they barely worked on? Let us know your thoughts about The Block Glasshouse: Apartment 6 week 2 in the comment section below!

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    1. Hi,
      On tonight’s episode Sunday 7th October I caught the end of the show and noticed the flat bbq bench top, thinking it looks like an Electrolux bbq. I would like to know what bench top was used on the outdoor bbq please? Thanks Phil

    2. Hi there, love all of your posts! Just wondering if you know what colour the cabinetry is that Deane and Darren used in their kitchen? I know they used polytec legato bespoke in their laundry, is it the same in the kitchen? Thanks so much, Lisa

      • Hi Lisa,

        Thanks for your lovely comment! We tracked down the supplier list for this kitchen but it seems everything other than the joinery finish is on the list!

        Looking at the photos of the laundry and the kitchen, it does look like the same finish but we can’t be 100% sure.

        Not sure this helps you much, sorry! x

    3. Hi can you please tell me what the name of the flooring product is used in Dee and Darren’s kitchen in apartment 6? Thanks

      • Hi Andrew

        Sorry to have missed your comment until now! We just tracked down the timber flooring, it’s ‘Heritage – Brushed Grey Oak’ by Carpet Court.

        Hope this helps 🙂

    4. The plants used by Max and Karsten are Bay tree’s (Camellia’s have a serrated leaf)
      I also work on The Block as a Landscaper so i did see these before they went in

      • Hi Jo

        When we showed it to a tree expert they thought it looked like a Bay tree but then when they took a closer look at the glossy leaves, they were 95% sure it was a Camellia. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to be 100% sure though.

        We hope this helps!

      • Hi there

        Re the Fenix benchtop – Any ideas as to where this might be available in Perth and how the cost compares to engineered stone like Ceasarstone or quartz please?


        • Hi Serena

          Have you tried calling the Good Guys to see if they have it available? Suzanne asked the same question above and we suggested she contact the Good Guys because we’re 99% sure it’s available through them (called Noir Matt).

          There are a stack of Good Guys stores in Perth so hopefully they can give you a quote. Please let us know if they can’t help you and we’ll try find another lead 🙂

          Good luck!

    5. Hi there

      do you know who dee and darren used for the Fenix benchtop? Trying to get a lead on where we can get it in Melbourne for the home we are currently building…



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