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Christmas napkin folding technique: Try this napkin bow folding hack and dress up your Christmas table

If you’re struggling to think of ideas to dress up your Christmas table, this simple napkin bow folding trick could be the answer! Inexpensive, quick and sure to make guests think you put in way more effort than you did. Folded Christmas napkins are altogether an excellent way to elevate your table styling.

There are a variety of napkin folding ideas trending on social media. Last year we brought you the Christmas tree folding hack and today it’s time to bring you an elegant alternative — a luxe Christmas bow napkin folding hack. Check out the video below or follow the step-by-step guide to try this napkin folding trick.

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What you’ll need:

  • Square napkins (our napkins are from Freedom)
  • Something to hold the napkin in place such as a napkin ring or decorative wire.

That’s all you need to complete this napkin folding idea.


1. Firstly, fold your napkin into a triangle.

napkin folding trick _ Christmas napkin folding
Christmas napkin _ Christmas napkin folding
Fold napkin into a triangle.

2. Fold top down 3/4 of the way before folding bottom upwards in thirds.

Christmas napkin folding
Fold top down 3/4 of the way.
napkin bow folding technique _ Christmas napkin folding
Fold bottom upwards, folding in thirds.
Christmas napkin folding
DIY Christmas bow folding trick _ Christmas napkin folding

3. Diagonally fold down each side, pinching the fabric halfway to down to create a bow shape.

napkin folding techniques _ Christmas napkin folding
bow napkin folding
Pinch the fabric where they cross over to create the bow shape

4. Then, use the napkin ring or decorative wire to secure the bow in place.

Christmas bow napkin folding
Christmas table ideas _ Christmas napkin folding

5. Finally, straighten out the ends, fluff your bow and voila! Your easy luxe Christmas bow napkin is complete!

Christmas napkin folding ideas
napkin folding ideas _ Christmas napkin folding
napkin ideas

We hope you liked this Christmas napkin folding idea! Do you have any Christmas napkin folding ideas you want us to try? Will you also give this bow napkin idea a go? We’d love to hear all your thoughts so leave them in the comment section below!

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Christmas napkin bow

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