Christopher Boots Architectural Lighting

Christopher Boots

If you’re on the hunt for new lighting that’s striking, seductive and modern – you must check out Christopher Boots architectural lighting.

His works are handmade in Melbourne and are known for creating drama and intrigue.

Boots’ philosophy is to continually explore new ideas and materials, to keep pushing the boundaries. His ‘Diamond Ring’ light below is a perfect example, constructed with a combination of natural uncut quartz crystals, neodymium rare, Earth magnets, iron and carbon.

Christopher Boots

Christopher Boots architectural lighting

Christopher Boots architectural lighting

Other favourites of ours include ‘Quadrix’ and ‘ORP’ with their bold geometric shapes and perfectly polished metals.

Who are we kidding, we love them all! His incredible pieces will instantly give your home a warm and luxurious feel. After all, lighting is one of the first things our senses experience when we enter a home.

Boots started making lighting and furniture from the age of 15 and went on to study Product Design Engineering and Industrial Design. When he graduated he worked with a lighting designer and then stepped out to start his own studio in 2011.

He is now widely recognised as a leading, awared-winning, independent Australian designer.

You can view his products on his website and for current pricing, call his studio on 03 9417 6501.

Christopher Boots architectural lighting

Christopher Boots
Images: Christopher Boots

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