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If there’s one area of the home that can make the biggest difference (and one that’s often overlooked) it’s lighting. For all your lighting advice and inspiration information, get it right here on Style Curator.

From how to design a lighting plan for your home when building or renovating. We have dedicated, in-depth articles to help you get it right first time.

There are articles on everything you need to know about lighting your bathroom. From the experts in the know, we chat all things lighting in the bathroom to make sure you don’t regret a thing once your room is complete!

A well-considered lighting plan is a must. Whether you’re simply renovating a zone of your home, undertaking a new build, or even a larger project. You will find articles on Style Curator from experts in the know. Like an Illumination Scientist! We chat to a serious expert who’s dedicated his career to lighting and is one of the few people in Australia who comes so highly qualified to talk on the subject. Want expert advice on lighting? We have it!

Lighting advice and inspiration galore, such as… did you know about the 3 type of lighting? How to use them and where? We’ll help you out! We have the latest in lighting trends and inspiration.

Want to know where to locate your lights in a new home or renovation? We get expert advice on the dos and don’ts. There’s 10 electrical lighting things to consider when building. As well as how to light your kitchen, showing the different kitchen lighting options.

Get all your lighting advice right here on Style Curator.

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