Construction update 15: Will my house ever be finished?

This is the question I keep asking myself over and over… When the frig will my house be finished?!

After all this time designing, planning and building, I think my patience has finally run out and I’m sure all those people who have built or are in a similar stage of their build as me (House by the Water and Anthea, I’m talking to you ladies!), it feels like this project may never finish!

Apparently we’re ‘so close’ and ‘just weeks away’… problem is we’ve been just weeks away for over a month now and all this waiting has me feeling a bit frustrated! #firstworldproblems I know but that’s how I feel.

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Powder room flooring

Frustrations aside I know many of you are curious about how the house is going so here’s a quick update on recent progress.

Mostly our ‘Sheeba wife’ tiler has been working hard in all the wet areas. I totally understand now why he called me that — I probably picked the most difficult tiles possible for him to work with! These tricky tiles have also contributed to our recent timeline blow out.

Other than tiling, our cabinet maker has pressed ahead with installing built-in wardrobes in all the bedrooms and the painters have returned to finish off.

Looking around our house though it seems like there’s still so much to do:

  • cabinetry to finish
  • timber flooring
  • carpeting
  • plumbing fit off
  • electrical fit off
  • and a heck of a lot more I’m sure!
Ensuite in progress Will my house ever be finished
Ensuite in progress
Ensuite shower Will my house ever be finished

I’m optimistically hoping we can move in within a month, let’s see how we go… you might hear from me in 4 weeks eating my words asking again ‘will my house ever be finished’, ha!

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    • Thanks lovely <3 I just hope the rest of the bathroom comes together like I imagine... I've changed my mind on some things a few too many times now, ha ha!

  1. Haha, that sounds way too familiar! I had always thought we would be in by August but we most certainly aren’t. I think we could still be 2 months off :-(.

    But on a much more positive note … your tiles are beautiful! I’m really looking forward to seeing that powder room also! Despite the complaints from your tiler what a sense of achievement he must feel now.

    • Ha ha, I’m so glad it’s not just me! I also thought we’d be in by August but Bruno is still sticking to his ‘just a couple of weeks’ story… we’ll see! Our tiler has now finished on site so it’s safe for me to go back and have a snoop around 😉 This week the timber flooring is starting and our cabinet maker is doing more work. Fingers crossed we can both move into our new homes in no time!!

  2. Wow, have to agree with Johanne, the tiles are sensational! Especially the ones in the first image. Def worth the effort. Good luck with the last few weeks 🙂

    • Thanks Jane! Those are the tiles he especially hated, he he 😉 I love the geometric marble pattern and can’t wait to see our powder room come together!

  3. Oh yeah! I was completely with you on your first question, but then I got distracted by your tiles! OMG – they are divine! I love all the tiles you’ve pictured, but those floor tiles in the first pic – true love! They are stunning. Where are those going? No wonder you are not popular with your tiler.

    • Haha, you’re so lovely <3 Those marble tiles are in our powder room (floor and half height wall) 🙂 So glad I'm not alone with this frustration, I was beginning to feel like a bad person! Are you close to moving in or best I don't ask?

      • Even though we had slab down 3 weeks before you, we are waaay behind you. Only just doing internal plaster and render now. I think we are still a month or two away from lock up. Gosh it pains me to write that.

        • Sorry I asked Johanne! I know all the waiting will be worth it though, your house looks like it will be amazing! I hope your move to Australia goes smoothly and that we’ll both be in our new homes in no time xx


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