How to create a geometric welcome mat

We’ll always love monochrome and Scandi-inspired design but right now we’re embracing colour and bold patterns!

A big design trend for 2015 is geometric prints — we recently introduced you to Greg Natale’s tile collection which is a stunning example of how these patterns are making the way into the home.

Today’s quick and easy DIY shows how you can create an on-trend geometric welcome mat using just a few materials in four easy steps.

Items you will need:

  • Plain door mat
  • Paints (we used Ocean’s Runway, Charlotte, Ocean Cruise, Modesty White and Cool Canteloupe)
  • Masking tape or craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Paint brushes (easiest if you have one brush per colour)

Colour swatches

Stencil out shapes


1. Cut sections of tape and create irregular shapes on the mat. We have used triangle and rhombus shapes but you could also create squares, diamonds or hexagons. These shapes will form your foreground.

Stencil out shapes

2. Paint inside the taped areas. We suggest using five colours with one being neutral. Remove the tape and touch up any areas as needed.

Paint mat

3. Create another layer of shapes out of tape – these will form your background. These shapes should fill out the mat so make them larger than the foreground shapes and don’t be scared to make them overlap behind or flow over the edges – it will create a feeling of depth.

4. Paint inside the taped areas, being careful not to paint over the foreground shapes (tip: it’s a good idea to use a small angle brush around the edges). Remove tape and touch up if needed.

Finished door mat



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