Dear Santa: 7 things I’d love in my home that only a Christmas miracle could bring

I’m pretty confident I made it onto the ‘Nice’ list this year so I’m preparing my wish list for Santa.

Generally the things on my list are a little more realistic… and could actually fit down my chimney… but not this year!

Christmas is a time to believe in miracles and so Santa, if you’re reading this, here is my ultimate Christmas wish list…

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1. Glass ceiling in our ensuite

Oh how I would love, love, love a glass ceiling in our ensuite. Soaking away in a bubble bath while watching the stars at night is definitely top of the list.

Glass roof in ensuite
Glass ceiling. Image via

2. Herringbone floors

The feature I found most drool-worthy from The Block Glasshouse was Darren and Dee’s herringbone wooden floors.

I love everything herringbone and have added herringbone floors on my wish list to Santa β€” either a tile herringbone floor (like the one below) for our bathroom or herringbone timber flooring in our entry and hallway.

COEM tile
Ardesia Mix from Ceramiche COEM

3. Vertical garden

I know, vertical gardens have been around for a while now but I just can’t get over how stunning they look! This one in Paris has got to be the most stunning vertical garden we’ve ever seen!

Vertical garden things I'd love in my home
Vertical garden in Paris. Photography by Percy Tai via Panoramio

4. Wicked lighting

So often when you build a house, you’re budget gets tighter and tighter, and so two things that always get squeezed are lighting and landscaping!

Santa, I am wishing for wicked lighting β€” metallic pendant lights, an edgy chandelier and lamps that make your heart skip a beat.

Chandelier by Christopher Boots things I'd love in my home
Triptyx chandelier by Christopher Boots

5. Giant void

The house I grew up in had a giant void above the dining room and it was such a stunning feature of the home. I love the vast amount of light they allow to flood in and the way they create a feeling of grand design.

Giant void
Giant void. Image via

6. Outdoor living room

I haven’t admitted this before but our old house (the one we recently demolished) was coined ‘the jungle house’ by our neighbours because it had such an unruly garden.

I don’t want to regain that name when we move into our new house so the plan is to create outdoor spaces that we will use and are easy to maintain. This outdoor living room is beyond ah-mazing!

Outdoor living room things I'd love in my home
Outdoor living room via Triptyx

7. Indoor pool

The absolute ultimate luxe-factor would be an indoor pool… and Santa, while you’re at it, a sauna would also be ace πŸ˜‰

Indoor pool things I'd love in my home
It’s never going to happen but one of the things I’d love in my home is an indoor pool. Image via Petagazine

I hope Santa gets this list of 7 things I’d love in my home in time. Perhaps the elves have become social media savvy and are monitoring for mentions… #wishlist #santa #northpole @Santa or do you think it’ll be @SantaClaus? A girl can dream πŸ™‚

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      • Hi Charlotte, thanks for visiting! Just checked out your blog – love the stunning photos πŸ™‚ Sadly, I can report Santa hasn’t brought me any of those things… yet!

    1. I just stumbled upon your blog and had a bit of a giggle reading this post. We’re also about to do a knockdown rebuild (plans are finally finished!) so your tips are particularly timely…. and judging by your choices so far, we have very similar taste πŸ™‚ I look forward to following the rest of your build (and hope Santa is forthcoming with one or two of your wishes).

      • Hi Jane

        How exciting!!! Yay, we can bounce ideas off each other! I’m so happy for you that your plans are finished – I think that’s the hardest part. Now comes all the fun – picking finishes, colours etc. In January I’m going to publish a post about creating a mood board which you might find helpful πŸ™‚ Keep me posted on how your home comes along too!


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