DIY terrarium, great Mother’s Day gift idea

Terrarium feature

With little over a week until Mother’s Day, why not show mum how much you love her with a DIY terrarium!

We love this as a gift idea because it’s long-lasting and each time your mum looks at it, she’ll think of you!

Finished terrarium

[ingredients title=”Items you will need”]

  • Pot, glass vase or other vessel (ours is from IKEA)
  • Plants (we used a mix of cactus and succulents)
  • Soil
  • Moss and/or small pebbles
  • Honey (optional)
  • Gloves
  • Decorations (optional)


[directions title=”Steps:”]

  1. Create a base layer of either moss or pebbles. Often pebbles are recommended for good drainage but as we are hopeless at remembering to water our plants, we’ve opted for moss to retain some of the moisture.
  2. Create moss layer
    Create moss or pebble layer
  3. Add a layer of dry soil (Bonsai soil and sometimes even a hint of charcoal is ideal).
  4. Add soil
    Add soil
  5. Pot your plants, starting with the larger plants, and arrange them how you like.
  6. Cactus plants
    Cactus plants
    Pot plants
    Pot plants
  7. Add a layer of pebbles.
  8. Add pebbles
    Add pebbles


  9. Finish by adding any decorations you like. Miniature figurines are popular but we just made a heart post by painting a timber heart in black paint and gluing it to a skewer (you could write a little personalised message on the heart).
  10. Heart sign
    Make a heart post to write personalised message

    DIY terrarium

    Close up



– If you are using cuttings, we recommend adding a touch of honey to the tip of the cutting before putting it in the soil
– Maintain your terrarium by watering it with a spray bottle once a week
– Keep it in a warm, dry place with some direct sun


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