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If there’s a piece of styling decor that’s really taken off in the past few years, it’s crystals. One of our most favourite styling props, crystals have so many beautiful features.

For centuries, these beauties have been used for their believed properties in areas such as love and health. Now, whether you swear by them or just like pretty gemstones, they remain a key part of many people’s lives and interior styling.

Every crystal has key properties. You can use to uplift your home and life, some better suited to specific rooms in your home. Explore this with us as we share which ones work best in each room of your home. As well as how they can be used if you just like them because they’re beautiful!

If you want help you choose the right one for your needs, you’ll find it on Style Curator. For information on the most popular crystals and what they’re known for, be sure to keep reading as we have covered it all.

Every crystal possesses unique properties. From healing crystals, to love crystals and even protection crystals.

So whether you’re drawn to them for their beauty or for their energy and want to use them as tools in your home, we show you how to use them around the home. We even speak to the people in the know to share their tips, advice and styling know-how with us.

A crystal can be so much more than just a sparkling beauty in your home. We want to show you how to style with them as well as use them for their various unique properties.

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