Home ADVICE How to style a studio apartment: The best (stylish) space saving ideas

How to style a studio apartment: The best (stylish) space saving ideas

How to style a studio apartment: The best (stylish) space saving ideas

When space is at a premium, it can be hard to know how to furnish and style without it feeling cramped or uninviting. This certainly goes for small apartments so we’re sharing our best (stylish) space saving ideas for how to style a studio apartment.

Get the most out of your home with our top styling tips when space is at an all-time premium.

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Make a plan… before you go shopping!

Look, we get it! Styling and furnishing a new space is exciting and it’s tempting to rush out and buy all your favourite things! But furnishing a house without a plan is a recipe for disaster. Especially when it’s for a studio apartment!

When it comes to how to style a studio apartment, you’ve got a lot less wriggle-room. And a wrong purchase could take up more space than you can afford! Remember, it pays for everything to have a purpose rather than just looking pretty. Yep, that even goes for your décor pieces.

Get to know your space, measure your room and even sketch out how you’d like your layout to look. Some furniture stores even offer visualisation tools on their website, allowing you to virtually place pieces in your space before you hit the ‘buy now’ button.

Don’t forget to double-check your measurements and be mindful of windows or doorways that you don’t want to block.

Sofa bed in studio apartment
Stylish sofa bed in Jimmy and Tam’s studio apartment from The Block 2020 | See all the room reveals here

Get more bang (and room) for your buck with a sofa bed

We all need a sofa and we all need a bed. But in a studio apartment, you can’t always have both… separately. So here’s when a sofa bed is your best choice.

By day it’s a place to sit and relax. And at night, when you extend it out, it becomes your bed.

Not only will it give you the space you need to move from sofa to bed, but during the day that reserved area guarantees a more spacious-feeling home. Think of it as an investment in space and comfort!

Tip: A sofa bed should be the first item you include when making your studio apartment plan. Measure both the sofa and the extended bed and choose everything else to fit around it.

Make storage your best friend

The most logical spot to place your TV is in front of your sofa bed. It may be tempting to go for a small and compact TV stand. But think a little smarter and your TV unit could also be useful storage space.

Opt for a unit that provides you with clever storage, as well as space for your décor pieces. A few great options are a modular unit that you can change up every few months to keep things fresh and new. Or you may prefer an asymmetrical unit which can make your studio feel more spacious.

Study nook makeover
Image from Style Curator reader Tamee

Be clever yet considered with your wall space

When it comes to how to style a studio apartment, you need to use every element of space available. And one of the most overlooked opportunities are your walls.

Elevated storage won’t clog up your room, so put the space on your walls to good use. Think wall hooks, wall shelves, and even wall-mounted cabinets to provide plenty of storage space yet keep the lower part of your studio free.

Tip: If you’ve chosen a TV unit with wall storage, keep the opposite wall to a minimum. While extra storage is handy, having wall storage on both sides of an already tight space can make your studio apartment feel cramped and cluttered.

Keep to a light and fresh colour palette

Your home should reflect your personality. But when space is at a premium, going for a light-coloured palette will keep your studio apartment bright and give the feeling of space.

Use light, fresh colours on the walls, including any curtains or window coverings. Then, add in pops of colour through your décor.

Go for elements of green through the use of indoor plants (or realistic fake plants if you have a real brown-thumb!). Cushions are another great way to add colour. Plus they can easily be switched out depending on your mood, style or season.

Are you styling a studio apartment or other small space? We hope this article has given you some tips and ideas to help. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, we’d love to chat to you in the comment section below.

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Belle Vue Georgian apartment open plan living and kitchen with window seat
Light and bright colour palette with pops of colour in this small apartment space | Take the tour here


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