Home DIYs Kmart hack: Matte black calligraphy laundry sorter

Kmart hack: Matte black calligraphy laundry sorter

Kmart hack: Matte black calligraphy laundry sorter

So we’ve got a confession to make… we’re just a bit obsessed with Kmart at the moment… to the point where we’ve even found ourselves there at 4.30am!

But it was during one of our early morning shopping trips that we came up with the idea of today’s Kmart hack — a matte black laundry sorter with calligraphy words.

We’re going through a real black and white phase and have long loved calligraphy fonts like Jasmine Dowling’s work so decided to combine these two loves for this DIY.

Hamper before
Hamper before

Items you will need:

  • Laundry sorter
  • Undercoat (we used Haymes Ultracover)
  • Black spray paint
  • Fabric pen
  • Calligraphy printouts (if you like our font, download our free printouts here)
Items you will need
Items you will need


1. Paint the frame and 6 bars in undercoat.

Paint frame

2. Spray paint the frame and bars (tip: keep 20-30cm spray distance to avoid runs).

Spray paint frame

3. Trace the calligraphy words onto the bags using the fabric pen. We used a glass table with a light underneath to help see the words clearly.

Trace words

4. Once the frame and bars are dry, hang the bags and use your new, stylish laundry sorter!

Laundry hamper sorter

Modern laundry hamper

Kmart hack laundry sorter portrait

Lights darks colours laundry hamper

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