DIY Christmas ornament: Personalised Christmas ornament with blackboard paint

Christmas is just over a month away so let the Christmas DIYs start!

Our first Christmas DIY is super simple but such a thoughtful and affordable gift idea — a personalised Christmas ornament that’s filled with photos (or lovely messages if you prefer).

Here’s how to make it!

Items you will need:

Items you will need


1. Apply masking tape around the bauble and remove the cap of the ornament.

Wrap masking tape around

2. Spray paint the taped off section with two coats of the Dulux Duramax Magnetic Chalkboard spray paint.

Spray paint bauble

3. Once dry, remove the tape.

Remove masking tape

4. Fill the inside of the bauble with photos. I printed black and white photos on regular paper and made two copies so I could glue the photos back to back making them double sided.

Cut out photos

5. Write a message or name on the blackboard section using a chalkboard texta and place the cap back on. It’s that easy!

Write on bauble

Fill bauble

Will you make your own personalised Christmas ornaments? We’d love to know if you try this idea!

Blackboard bauble

Photos in bauble personalised Christmas ornament


  1. These are really cute! My Christmas tree is going up this weekend and I’ve been looking for a basket to put the base in, but can’t really find anything big enough. I have a standard 6ft fake Xmas tree. I wondered if you could do a post on it, or whether you have any tips on where to shop for large baskets? Thanks! 🙂


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