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11 best DIY minimalist decor: Get inspired to make your home trending home decor

Minimalism and minimalist decor have been trending in recent years and is one of the biggest design influences of 2023! Here at Style Curator, we love the minimalist aesthetic. Not only is visually beautiful, it also inspires a life of simplicity and calm.

There’s a common misconception that a minimalist style home has to be empty, plain and boring but it doesn’t! While the aesthetic generally strips things back to essentials, modern minimalism incorporates beautiful home decor with an emphasis on items of luxury or natural materials. We’ve scoured the internet to find you the best minimalist decor you can make yourself!

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textured art painting
This simple painting elevates this space! Image credit to Etsy

1. Textured art

Mmmmk, it’s a bit hard to have missed the DIY textured art trend. So simple to create, all you need is a canvas, joint compound, paint… and a vision! From abstract swirls to arch forms, there’s no limit to the types of textured patterns you could create.

Make a large-scale piece and use it as a focal point in a room, or create a smaller textured artwork to incorporate into book shelf styling or a gallery wall.

Textured art
Art from Etsy
Making plaster art
DIY joint compound art tutorial available on the orange home
minimalist wall art
Minimalist decor art from Pinterest

2. Plant propagation wall decor

The benefits of house plants are endless! They can boost your mood, improve air quality, lower stress and they’re pretty to look at 😉 Create interest in your minimalist home by putting up plant propagation wall decor. It’s a unique way of displaying more greenery in your home and they also act as a piece of art (living art).

Test-Tube-Planter_minimalist decor
Modern Arch Propagation Planter by Vintage Revivals
DIY travertine wall decor
This DIY plant propagation wall decor is in Style Curator HQ!
If you want to bring an extra pop of colour, switch out the plants for flowers! Image credit to Most Lovely Things

3. DIY minimalist concrete tray

Trays are one of our favourite items of home decor. They’re so versatile and are an essential element of vignette styling!

Concrete trays are easy and inexpensive to make. Get creative by using different forms to create unique shapes or experiment with oxides to achieve interesting colours. We’ve long been fans of concrete decor and you can find even more DIY concrete home decor ideas here.

simple concrete tray
Picture from Pinterest
circular tray
Round concrete tray from Etsy
minimalist decor_concrete tray
Minimalist concrete tray from Etsy

4. Minimalist terrazzo side table

Okay so this one is technically minimalist furniture rather than minimalist decor but we had to add it to the list! Our DIY terrazzo side table has clean and simple lines that fits perfectly in a minimalist style home.

Check out the full DIY side table tutorial here or watch our video on Instagram.

sheer curtain with corner styling
This gorgeous table was surprisingly easy to make, check out the full how-to guide here!

5. Ikebana vases

One of our favourite decor pieces on this list are Ikebana vases because they turn a few simple stems or flowers into sculptural art! Ikebana is the Japanese art form of arranging flowers, blossoms, branches, stems and leaves.

The vases themselves are actually quite simple and plain but as soon as you add elements of nature into them they become magical!

While Ikebana is an art form that takes practice, why not have a crafternoon trying to make your own?! Pick up some clay and be inspired by these examples to create your own unique piece.

minimalist decor_ikebana vase
Vase from KonMari
minimalist decor_ikebana floral
Credit to Pinterest
Beautiful stem vases
Look at these gorgeous arrangements! Vases available on Etsy
stone ikebana vase
Image credit to Pinterest

6. Paper mache bowls and vases

Just like the concrete tray, these paper mache bowls and vases are versatile. Fruit bowl, catch-all tray in your entry, trinket dish on your bedside table… there are so many uses for bowls and vases around the home. We also love how the irregular finish brings an added element of texture to your minimalist space!

Paper mache fruit bowls
Image from Minzuu
Rustic paper mache bowl
DIY Paper Mâché bowl by grey & avery
paper mache bowl and vase
DIY paper mache bowl and vase tutorial on Nadine Stay

7. Wall hooks as minimalist decor

When you hear home decor, most of us immediate think of decorative objects but it can also include functional items, such as wall hooks.

From simple pieces of dowel to concrete hooks, there are so many wall hooks you could make to add interest to your walls. Think of your favourite material — travertine perhaps? — and play with shape to create wall hooks that can be like art in your space.

Round wall hooks
These cute wall hooks are available at SIN
Image credit to @kielyramosphoto on Instagram
Concrete hooks
Image via Home Made Modern | See more concrete DIY ideas here
modern bathroom hooks
These simple black and gold hooks are perfect for a modern minimalist bathroom! DecorfunHardware on Etsy

8. Minimalist wall sconce

As much as we love extravagant and dramatic light fixtures to illuminate a room, to achieve the minimalist aesthetic you can’t beat a pared back wall sconce.

Let these images serve as inspo on how you could hack your own minimalist wall light. We’ve seen people turn indoor planters into wall lights… or you could purchase a wall light and give it a minimalist makeover like Gina did with the textured wall lights in her master bedroom.

minimalist wall lighting
Stunning and sophisticated wall sconce from Human Home
unique wall light
Wall sconce from 1stDIBS

9. Organic shaped mirrors

Pebble or pond mirrors (aka organic shaped mirrors) go hand in hand with the minimalist aesthetic.

Pick up a mirror and a glass cutter and have fun creating your own wavy mirror. Just be sure to wear protective gear as this DIY project can be dangerous but oh so worth it!

Alternatively, you could use timber or clay to create a smooth border around an existing mirror. This avoids the need to cut the mirror… which from experience we can say is a bit hit and miss!

assymetric mirror_minimalist decor
Stunning wavy mirror from McMullin & co.
irregular mirror
Mirror available at Zara Home
organic shape mirror
Image from Pinterest

10. Create your own boucle moment

Whoever said boucle would be a short-term fad can eat their words! More than a year into this trend and boucle is as popular as ever.

Dip your toe in by making a couple of boucle cushions to scatter on your bed or sofa, or go all-in and create a boucle headboard or bench seat.

cream bedding
Credit to Life Interiors
simple bedding_minimalist decor
Image credit to Three Bird Renovations

11. Unique candle holders

Candles smell amazing and they look beautiful all year round. And when you add a candle holder into the equation, they make a stunning decor item too. We love that coil clay candleholder below but there’s no limit to the type of materials you could use or forms you could create!

Funky candle holder
This unique candle holder design is a perfect accent piece! From SIN
Pebble candle holders
How cute are these oak candle holders from hollis+morris

Are you a fan of minimalism? Are there any other minimalist decor ideas you’ve found that should make the list? Let us know in the comments down below!

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    1. Wow, I really like how things made from natural materials and plants go well with minimalist interiors. But I have a question. What kind of doors do you think fit well in a minimalistic interior? I personally think steel-framed glass doors are a smart pick. They let in natural light, giving that open and clean vibe while still dividing the rooms when needed.
      I’m quite eager to hear the designer’s take on this.

      • Thanks for your comment! Yes steel framed doors are a fabulous contemporary look for minimalist interiors. You also can’t go wrong with a plain door and contemporary black or brushed nickel hardware. For an entrance door, I love an oversized pivot door in natural timber 🙂


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