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Finding the perfect rugs for your home can be one of the trickiest decorating decisions you’ll need to make. Check out Style Curator for our best styling tips and how to ensure you get the size and styling right!

Too often, people buy a rug that doesn’t suit the space. It makes it stand out for all the wrong reasons! Fear not! Style Curator has a guide on how to select the right rug with plenty of extra tips along the way.

Rugs are often the first thing people will notice in a room. It’s important to make sure they are noticing it for the right reason. We chat to the styling experts to hear what they have to say about finding the right rug for your space. Plus what NOT to do. We list the most common rug mistakes to avoid and expert tips on how to get it just right.

So why rugs? It will give your room more warmth and create the sense of a zone. Having defined spaces will make you feel like the layout of your home works better.

A rug most definitely makes an appearance in our article: 50 top items in home decor. It’s also a great investment if you’re renting or styling a holiday home but don’t want to (or can’t) replace damaged or worn flooring.

We also help you shop in the right places! Our favourite places to shop for large rugs is one of our most popular reads. Find it plus loads of info, tricks, shopping and styling tips right here on Style Curator.

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