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How to step-by-step instructions are great, but sometimes you want to SEE how it’s done! Which is why on Style Curator, we’ve got tonnes of how to and DIY projects that include a video.

We have articles on how to create a square panel feature wall with step-by-step instructions and a video. Or super simple DIYs like how to create a marble laptop cover.

There’s the more ambitious DIY project of how to create an outdoor dining table with tiled pillar legs. This one shows an in-depth video on exactly how Gina made it, as well as an accompanying detailed blog post to help you nail the project.

If you want to know how to paint like a pro, we’ve got a video showing Gina’s number 1 painting tip and how to perfect your technique.

More keen on styling that DIYing? We have you covered! Check out how to style and organise your pantry or how to style a bookshelf. Or give your outdoor area a Hamptons style revamp!

We’ve got some fun hack videos too, like how to hack your own wall light without hacking into your walls!

And sometimes, it’s just so therapeutic watching someone organise, don’t you think!? Check out our easy steps to start a toy rotation system. With tips on how to organise your kids toys and KEEP them organised!

Handy reno videos like everything you need to know about picking the right grout. Or how to create a mood board to achieve your home design goals.

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