The Block Triple Threat: Week 10 outdoor terrace reveals

Final week of The Block is always a bit sad for us. The end is so close and we have to say goodbye to another series šŸ™ But the couples really stepped up to the final challenge and last night we saw some absolutely stunning spaces during the outdoor terrace reveals!

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Darren and Dea

Way to end on a high! These guys got perfect scores last night with a whopping 30/30!

Making a strategic move from the start to set aside $25,000 for their outdoor terrace, they were the only couple not stressing about budget.

We give Darren and Dea big ticks for creating separate zones. They were able to maximise use of space, lush planting and beautiful use of materials (especially loving that exposed brick wall and concrete rendered BBQ area!).

Dea was certainly channeling that ‘Botanic’ look which is so hot right now!

Darren and Dea bbq area
A showstopper during outdoor terrace reveals
Darren and dea seating area
Darren and Dea grass area
Darren and Dea seating area Outdoor terrace reveals
Darren and Dea indoor outdoor transition

Josh and Charlotte

We gave these guys a 10/10 on Twitter last night for creating an inviting, practical and spacious outdoor terrace. The mix of grey and reclaimed timber was an absolute winner. The judges only gave them 28.5/30, seeing them land in second place this week.

The Tetris-style vertical garden, mix of outdoor tiles, and restrained styling were highlights for us. The judges also liked the personality of the black wire seats and the way they used the vertical space. This meant the terrace could be enjoyed from all levels.

Josh and Charlotte indoor outdoor transition
Josh and Charlotte BBQ area Outdoor terrace reveals
Josh and Charlotte outdoor terrace seating
Tile mix and pot plant cluster Outdoor terrace reveals
Josh and Charlotte lighting and vertical garden
Josh and Charlotte terrace from high Outdoor terrace reveals

Jess and Ayden

With a score of 25/30, Jess and Ayden finished in third place this week.

Darren was immediately impressed, letting out a ‘hooray!’ when he saw the space. He was pleased to see the couple using the outdoor terrace as an outdoor living room. This maximised living space in the apartment.

Unfortunately Jess’ styling didn’t wow the judges as much and they felt it didn’t connect well with the interiors. Their hero piece, a heritage iron gate from the old Melbourne Cricket Ground, helped save them though!

Ayden and Jess outdoor terrace
Outdoor terrace reveals Ayden and Jess
Jess and Ayden feature wall

Tim and Anastasia

Despite being flat broke and walking off-site when it all got too much, Tim and Anastasia did return to finish their outdoor terrace and we have to give them kudos for that!

The judges liked a lot of what they saw ā€” especially the frame around the vertical garden, hanging pendants and water feature ā€” and awarded the couple 23/30.

They did feel that there was a bit much going on though and that the outdoor space would have benefited from some ‘editing’ and suggested removing the hanging chair. We thought the space would have felt more balanced if they could have carried some of the greenery higher, drawing the eye upwards and making the space feel larger.

Tim and Anastasia outdoor terrace reveals
This vertical garden was a favourite feature from judges during outdoor terrace reveals
Hanging chair and water feature Outdoor terrace reveals
Tim and Anastasia hanging pendants

What did you think of the outdoor terrace reveals? Tell us in the comments below!

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      • Hey Sara

        We were super impressed with their outdoor terrace too – so simple yet stylish and such a usable space!

        Darren and Dea had the luxury of space which allowed them to do more with the space – creating zones and various seating areas…

        We wouldn’t complain with either terrace though, he he šŸ˜‰


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