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Are you searching for inspiration on how to create the perfect outdoor kitchen? Look no further as Style Curator has it covered.

We have articles such as how to design the ultimate alfresco kitchen. All the design tips and tricks you need.

An alfresco kitchen is always a good idea — especially in Australia where our climate allows us to make use of it year-round. A basic outdoor kitchen includes a barbecue, sink and fridge. Of course, there are plenty of additional features you could include to elevate your alfresco kitchen to the next level.

In this guide, we cover everything you need to consider about designing the ultimate alfresco kitchen! We chat about location. It’s not all about what goes into the kitchen, but also where you place it. This can make all the difference on how it will feel, how it flows with the rest of your home and ultimately, how much you will use it.

There’s the appliances that will go in your outdoor kitchen. Sure, it’s exciting to talk about the look you’re going for, but first things first. You’ve gotta think about functionality first and foremost!

Want advice on layout? We discuss this at length to ensure you get the most out of your alfresco kitchen. There’s chats on weatherproofing and benchtop materials, as well as all the fun stuff like design and aesthetics.

And outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition to your home. It allows easy flow for indoor outdoor living. And in the Australian environment and climate, it’s sure to get used year round.

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