Your guide to putting on a winner high tea

There is something classy, chic, and so adorable about high tea parties. The perfect high tea should make us feel like royals, at least for the afternoon, while we enjoy a dainty meal with a cup of tea and with the most important factor, good company!

Before you send out the invitations make sure you read our handy guide to putting on a winner high tea. Follow these simple steps and you’ll make even the most refined jaw drop in awe!

Get your tableware kit

Dressing to impress doesn’t stop at the wardrobe. Your dining or coffee table is going to be the focal point for the afternoon so give it the same attention as you would when picking out the perfect shoes to match your dress.

Selecting the right tableware kit will be the difference between a run of the mill party and a classy, stylish high tea fit for a queen.

Pick a chic centrepiece: vase or a high tea stand

The first step to adding some flair and pomp to your table is to select a centrepiece that will draw your guests’ attention but not overpower your table display. Since this is a high tea party, why not select a funky, designer high tea stand to present those yummy homemade cupcakes?

High tea stand

Invest time in choosing unique and interesting tableware pieces

Once you have chosen a suitable centrepiece, you can work from the inside out, choosing complementary pieces and table accessories which will represent your personality and your sense of impeccable style.

Opt for small, decorative side plates to give the appearance of refinement and elegance. Floral patterns and soft pastel colours also lend themselves well to the sophistication of high teas.

Find and try the best high tea recipes in advance

A table top to die for deserves the tastiest of treats and high teas are the perfect opportunity to showcase your culinary skills for sweet and savoury alike. Let’s take a look at some of the staple high tea recipes to get your guests’ taste buds going:

The basics: sandwiches

No high tea spread would be complete without a few finger sandwiches to nibble on. The great thing about sandwiches is that they are so versatile — you can really let your imagination run wild.

Give the traditional cucumber sandwich a modern twist, by slicing it into thin ribbons and placing them on to whole wheat bread with a zingy, lemon herb butter. Or push the boat out with a little smoked salmon tartare and avocado on some pumpernickel rounds. There is no reason for your bread to be boring!

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The British classic: scones

British cuisine doesn’t have the best reputation in the world, but they did give us the scone! This simple but delicious baked good is what makes a high tea. Plain or with fruit, the classic serving of buttery scones with thick clotted cream and fruity conserve is always a crowd pleaser, but why not get a little creative?

You could play with flavours with a pumpkin and lemonade scone or go savoury with zucchini and cheddar or sweet potato scones and beetroot jam. Make interesting tweaks and your guests will be begging you for the recipe.

High tea stand
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The treats: tea cakes, buns, and patisserie

A high tea is the perfect excuse to forget the diet and delve into some decadent and delicious sweet treats. Give the Aussie favourite, the lamington, a sassy modern twist with some red velvet sponge, or coconut and passionfruit.

Macarons are a high-tea must have, and this delicate French fancy is perfect for experimenting with flavours. A white chocolate and raspberry ganache, pistachio and rose cream, or lemon and ginger will tantalise your girlfriends. Plus, macarons look so pretty, and they will be the delight of the table when displayed on that beautiful high tea stand.

Prepare yourself in advance

The most important thing for any successful dinner party is planning. Not only will preparation pay off in the final presentation, but you’ll also feel calmer and be able to enjoy the day. Your good mood will also make for a pleasant atmosphere, making everyone more joyful and up for fun. As well as prepping the table and the food, there are a few other things to consider when planning the perfect high tea.

Choose a room with a lot of light and adorable view

You want to create the right ambiance for your high tea party. If the weather allows, a garden setting would be ideal. Or, if it’s a little on the hot (or cool) side, a conservatory overlooking the lawn would be just as perfect.

Decorate with flowers
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Decorate with lots of flowers

If you’re high tea party is taking place indoors, or you don’t have a garden view then bring the beauty of nature inside. Have one statement bouquet of flowers in a designer vase, or a have a selection of single bud-vases around the table will bring a gorgeous fresh, floral scent and show-off your flair for interior design.

Create a special playlist

What would a party be without some background music to set the tone? Vintage high teas are all the rage and would be complete with some 1920 swing and jazz playing softly. Or if you’re going for a classier theme, then some classical piano could be the perfect accompaniment.

Do not forget your smile and good mood

If you have followed our simple, no-stress guide, then this will be easy! With this fail-proof plan you’ll be feeling confident and know that everything is in its perfect place. All that’s left for you to do is relax, enjoy catching up with the girls and delight in their compliments on your excellent style and hosting skills!

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