We’ve constantly got our eyes open for new artists to feature on Style Curator. We love personalising homes with art and feature hundreds of artists, from ceramicists to abstract painters, to inspire you to introduce colour and interest to your home through art as well.

You’ll find a broad range of artist styles, from coastal to contemporary, so you’re sure to find something to love.

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FREE 'Poppies in Bloom' artwork _ bed landscape

FREE ‘Poppies in Bloom’ artwork

Let's be real — there's nothing worse than bare, uninviting walls. Even one piece of artwork can make a massive difference to your room....
Rachelle Lapthorne from Ahyayah ceramics

Ahyayah ceramics: Colourful, handmade pieces that spark joy

For today's meet the maker, we chat with Rachelle from Ahyayah — a self-taught ceramicist who started her craft at the onset of the...
Olive and the Boy_self love_graphic handwoven tapestries

The graphic handwoven tapestries from Olive and the Boy

Described by her customers as creating "the best wall hangings in the universe", we're excited to introduce you to the graphic handwoven tapestries of...
The Seasonal Ceramicist_shaggy vases with dried foliage

The imperfect textural ceramics by The Seasonal Ceramicist

Unique. Organic. Imperfect. Beautiful. These are just some of the words we could use to describe the charming textural works of Canberran artist Emma...
Colourful Botanical Abstracts_CarleyBourne_painter_VerdantCharm

The colourful botanical abstracts by artist Carley Bourne

You can't simply glance at the unique and colourful botanical abstracts by artist Carley Bourne. Layers of paint built on a love of colour,...
FeatherHorse_artist_pink art

The soft and soothing brushstrokes of Featherhorse artist, Lisa Quinn-Schofield

With muted colours and soft, intricate brushstrokes, the artworks by Featherhorse artist, Lisa Quinn-Schofield, instil a sense of calm. It's hard not to pause...
Removable triple arch wall decal in palm print sand

Stylish and eco-friendly: Discover the removable wallpaper bedheads from Siesta Walls

Today we're chatting with Kristie Richardson from Siesta Walls. An innovative new business transforming one bland wall at a time with their stylish and...

Finding your art: A chat with artist Jacklyn Foster, 2021 Emerging...

The beauty of art can often be overshadowed by the pressure to 'find a real job.' Luckily for us, talented artist Jacklyn Foster followed...
Blakely Little from Blakely Made

Blakely Made — bringing us culture and beauty through art

The beautiful paintings from Blakely Made have the uncanny ability to make you feel like you're on holidays in some exotic location, thousands of...

Colour pop fun with newcomer artist Anna Egberts

When the world feels a little topsy-turvy (something we can all probably relate to at the moment) you just need a pop of fun....
Celine from Fibrous Design

The intriguing, tactile wall sculptures from Fibrous Design

There's art that's unique. Art that's colourful. Then there's art that simply intrigues... Today's feature artist, Céline Geelan from Fibrous Design, is all these...
Kiasmin outside mural artwork she painted

A chat with contemporary artist Kiasmin whose works are all about...

We came across today's artist Kiasmin, thanks to Justine from Orton Haus who has several of her works in her home (take the tour...
Sculptural art piece by Rachael McCallum

The unique and textural pieces by artist Rachael McCallum

Art that evokes interest and makes you look twice. Maybe even three times... that's what today's ceramic artist Rachael McCallum inspires to do with...
Guilty Pleasure by Marnie McKnight

10 Australian abstract artists to discover and love on Bluethumb

Supported by Bluethumb A question I often get asked when I share images of my home is, ‘Where is your artwork from?’. It's no secret...
Kate Mayes art from Greenhouse Interiors

How to pick artwork for your home: Expert tips to get...

We absolutely adore art. It elevates a room, creates a focal point and is a true expression of your style and influence. But we...
Tapestry artist Monica Henry

Art as meditation: The warm and textured works by textile artist...

Art is extremely personal. It can bring contrast, interest and emotion to a room. But sometimes, the story behind the art is just as...
Alice Bell ceramic artist in studio

Australian made ceramics: The perfectly imperfect creations from Alice Bell Ceramics

We recently discovered the Australian made ceramics by artist, Alice Bell and we immediately fell head over heels in love. They're raw, rustic and...
Kate Florence Art_at work

Art to celebrate the human form: Abstract artist Kate Florence

Colour and joy. That's what today's feature artist, Kate Florence, captures with her wonderful abstract art as she focuses on celebrating the human form. We...
Ceramic artist Abbey Jamieson

Creating mindfulness through art: A chat with ceramicist, Abbey Jamieson

Art has a way of making you feel something. A connection or story, brought to life through the artist. Ceramic artist Abbey Jamieson is...
Samantha Hobbelen artist profile

The bold and the beautiful: A chat with artist Samantha Hobbelen

If you're looking for a pick me up or a touch of colour to brighten your day, then you're going to love today's artist...
Dreams and Clouds collection of children's bedroom art

Sweet and whimsical children’s artwork from Dreams and Clouds

When it comes to decorating your child's bedroom, you want it to be fun right?! Their space should be full of colour, joy and...
Orange blossom and coconut Glasshouse Fragrances candle

7 Valentine’s Day shopping ideas, shop our top picks!

The day of love is just around the corner and whether you buy into the celebration or not, we've got your Valentine's Day shopping...
Tapestry artist Lee Leibrandt at her loom

Weaving magic through her art: A chat with Australian tapestry artist...

We love rediscovering old styles of art that are new and trendy again. Just as we did when we stumbled upon Australian tapestry artist...
Blue Ginger Designs

Celebrate your home with a house portrait: 5 artists to consider

We've heard of portraits, perhaps even pet portraits, but have you come across house portraits? Just as the name suggests, it involves creating a...

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