Construction update 13: Cold weather causing delays

I was so optimistic in my last update… I think I even predicted we would have finished painting by now? Well, that hasn’t happened, ha ha!

This has got to be the coldest and wettest winter I can recall in Canberra. Usually the winter days are sunny with blue skies but this year there’s this damp fog that is just hanging over the place. All this moisture means the plastering is taking much longer than expected! It’s finally dry now though so fingers crossed the sanding happens quickly and we can get moving on painting.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared photos of our house so I’ve put together a gallery with some pics from the weekend of how it’s taking shape (forgive the dodgy photography, I wasn’t feeling great).

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Cold weather causing delays
Where our wall kitchen will be – CANNOT WAIT! Cold weather causing delays for plaster to dry
Looking from living area past pantry into kitchen and dining
Looking from living area past pantry into kitchen and dining
Looking from kitchen out to garden
Looking from kitchen out to garden
Fireplace installed in living area
Fireplace installed in living area

Main things that have happened recently are…

  • Garage door went on so we finally reached lock up!
  • Bathrooms waterproofed ready to start tiling soon
  • Fireplace installed
  • Plastering 95% finished
  • Around site cleaned up and levelled out with a bobcat
  • Outdoor painting almost finished!
Another low window in the hallway Cold weather causing delays
Cold weather causing delays as plaster is taking longer to dry
Looking from kitchen stairs to main entry Cold weather causing delays
Looking from kitchen stairs to main entry

I’m about to go on holiday (to escape this cold weather!) so fingers crossed when I get back in two weeks the house is miraculously painted and all the bathrooms are finished. HA! That’s never going to happen but hopefully that’s the last of the cold weather causing delays.

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  1. Enjoy your holiday Gina! It all looks like its coming along nicely. My partner is a builder so this view is all to familiar, we are in a constant state of construction (and slow too). What they say is true, builders take a lot longer on their own homes!

    • Thanks Kat, I can already feel myself defrosting, lol! Sounds like progress is being made while I’m away so fingers crossed I get a nice surprise when I come home 🙂 Are you building or renovating at the moment?

  2. I think delays must be a compulsory part of building, especially if you are building something more interesting than average. Knowing that doesn’t make me any less twitchy about it, and sounds like you neither. Enjoy your break.

    • Thanks Johanne and looking at your blog it seems like there’s been a lot of progress lately – are you happy with how it’s coming along? I so desperately want to move in but it seems the closer we get, the more impatient I become, ha ha!

    • I get the feeling that fireplace is going to get a good workout if this weather continues 😉 Bring on Spring!

  3. Got to love FCC! House is looking good, it sounds like the last few weeks of labour haha. Enjoy your break 🙂

  4. Love seeing Arnie in your updates 🙂 It looks like heaps has happened since your last post too. Hopefully you’re not too far behind schedule and can move in soon!

    • Thanks Rachel! We’re getting there I just wish it was a lot faster, lol. He he, I can’t help but include Arnie on the blog, he loves the building site so much 😉


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