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DIY kids teepee clothing rack

DIY kids teepee clothing rack

Have you noticed these stylish teepee clothing racks in all the cool kids’ stores?!

We sussed them out and decided it wouldn’t be that hard to make our own and boy do we love it!

You will need to be a little bit handy with electrical tools or employ the help of someone who is to take on this DIY.

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DIY kids teepee clothing rack

Items you will need:

  • 4 pieces of 42mm wide x 19mm thick x 1.2m long standard grade dressed pine
  • 1 piece of 25mm diameter x 1.2m long dowel
  • Drop saw
  • Electric drill
  • 25mm spade drill bit
  • Paint (we used semi-gloss Greyology 2 from Haymes)
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil
Items you will need
Items you will need


1. Trim the ends of your 4 timber pieces on a 15 degree angle using a drop saw (this will make them slant, giving you the teepee shape).

2. Stand two pieces of timber and cross them at the top, creating the teepee shape (as shown in step 4). Using your pencil, mark where the timbers overlap.

3. Find the centre of the overlapped space and mark with a pencil. Pre-drill a hole and then use the spade drill bit to drill out a 25mm hole where the dowel will feed through.

Pre drill holes
Hole in timber
Drill out hole

4. Repeat this step on each of the 4 pieces of timber.

Mark holes

5. Paint your timber pieces in two coats of paint. We used semi-gloss for this DIY to tie in with the finish of the nursery furniture but you could use standard low-sheen acrylic if you prefer a more matte look or leave it natural.

Paint timber pieces
Paint timber pieces

6. Once dry, put your teepee clothing rack together by standing two pieces of timber at each end and feeding your dowel through. We felt our teepee clothing rack was secure like this but if you would like to secure it further, you could add additional dowel pieces along the bottom to give the rack more structure.

Now that your rack is complete, hang your clothes and style πŸ™‚

Close up of Teepee clothing rack
Teepee clothing rack side
Kids teepee clothing rack
Teepee clothing rack back
Completed teepee clothing rack

What do you think of this kids teepee clothing rack? Tell us in the comments below!

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Made by a reader!

We love it when you try our DIYs at home and share the results with us!

Tracey recently sent in her version of our teepee clothing rack and we think she’s done a better job of it than us! Awesome work β™₯

Reader Teepee clothing rack
Reader DIY teepee clothing rack


    • Hi Angie

      This rack is 1m high by 1.2m long and approximately 50cm wide but you can adjust the dimensions to suit your space. For example, you can use a shorter piece of dowel if you don’t want it to be as long πŸ™‚

  1. Hi we made this rack but it is not sturdy & it’s quite wobbly β€š I’m using it for indoor & outdoor markets…any idea how to stabilize the sides better ? Thx so much ?

  2. I have not had a chance to make this yet. Can you confirm, is it able to stand on its own or must be up against a wall? I need them to be totally free standing. Thank you – Jodie

    • Hi Jodie

      Yes, this rack does stand on it’s own. Because the dowel fits so snuggly, it holds the whole frame in place. But you can reinforce it further if you like by adding a small rope along the top. To do this, simply drill a small hole in the timber legs about 15cm below the dowel, run a rope through these holes and tie at each end so it doesn’t slip away and repeat this on the other side. You can see this concept over here http://themerrythought.com/diy/diy-wooden-baby-gym/ πŸ™‚

  3. This tutorial was the best I found! My husband made one for our kids and I filled the rack with home made costumes. I shared the project on my blog with a link to you. Thanks so much for your project!

    • Hi Cecelia, thanks for your comment and linking through to the rack you made – it looks terrific and I love the darker stain you applied to the timber. Those costumes you made also look terrific, especially the tassel hat! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog πŸ™‚ This is awesome you did a great job I just love it. Off to stalk the rest of your home and nursery ideas now x

  5. Love this! My husband just made it for me! I have a clothing business, CampThreads, that I am getting started up & my logo is a teepee with flowers at the top so I’m going to get it painted and add wreaths with flowers and hang them on the top of each side! I’m going to use it for pics of products & a few shows I’m going to do. I will send completed pics!! Thanks for the awesome & easy idea!!!

  6. I made the rack according to your specs and it worked great! The rack is sturdy enough to stand on it’s own without a screw, rope or brace. Love it! I clear coated mine with 2 coated of sanding sealer. Would love to post a pic, it looks so cute with all the baby dresses for my granddaughter!

  7. That’s adorable Gina! A great DIY. I don’t need it for my boys rooms but it would be very cute in their playroom with a few dress ups hanging on it.


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