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The soft and soothing brushstrokes of Featherhorse artist, Lisa Quinn-Schofield

With muted colours and soft, intricate brushstrokes, the artworks by Featherhorse artist, Lisa Quinn-Schofield, instil a sense of calm. It’s hard not to pause and observe her works, getting lost in their movement and story.

We chat with the artist (and Interior Designer!) about her art… and her interesting journey that led her back to her original passion.

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FeatherHorse_artist_art styled
FeatherHorse_artist_Lisa Quinn-Schofield
The artist behind Featherhorse, Lisa Quinn-Schofield

Art and being creative has always been Lisa’s true and unmistakable passion.

“I think I’ve always been an artist,” Lisa says. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been drawing. At school, art was the only subject I was interested in!

“When I left school, I completed my diploma of fine arts, then went on to university to complete my degree in Fine Arts, majoring in painting.”

Mum, wife, fashion designer, interior designer, artist… Lisa has led one busy life!

“I’ve been with my husband Trent for nearly 25 years. We have two daughters — Sana (age 14) and Arlie (age 10) — as well as a dog called Bowie and a goldfish named Wasabi. We live in Western Australia, right by the beach,” says Lisa.

“My background has always been art, I’ve just showcased it in different ways. I was previously head designer for the ladies division of a surf company. I designed their clothes, prints and accessories — it was amazing, I loved it!

“I’ve always loved working with interiors and used to help friends and family with their homes. Once my girls were old enough, I decided to do some further study and started my own business which is Featherhorse Studio.

“I wanted it to be a combination of designing interiors and my art. My business took off a little quicker than I expected and I was suddenly deep in the world of magazine styling for interiors, and styling photoshoots for designers, brands and retailers.

“I loved this work but it left little time for anything else. I longed to do my art again and dabbled along the way, but it just wasn’t enough satisfy my soul.”

FeatherHorse_artist_pink art
FeatherHorse_artist_art piece
FeatherHorse_artist_art in progress

Call it was divine intervention… but eventually, Lisa found her way back to art.

“Two years ago, I injured my back. It was caused by many years of lifting furniture and carrying heavy loads during photoshoots.

The universe literally forced me to change direction and although it was painful both emotionally and physically to let go of the career I’d worked so hard on, I knew deep down it was time to return to my art.

“I’d come full circle and was back to my original plan of art and interiors. The magazine styling was wonderful, but seriously hard work. It meant long hours, and didn’t leave much time for anything else — especially my own creating,” says Lisa.

“I was always making other designers work sparkle and now… it was my time to shine.”  

Featherhorse paintings are full of soft, soothing brushstrokes in moody, earthy tones.

“I’ve always been drawn to these colours. It’s really instinctual and I noticed when working in interiors that everyone has their own colours… even if they don’t know it yet. I can pretty much see their colours when I first meet them, simply by what they’re wearing,” explains Lisa.

“Mine are definitely symbolic of my love of the beach, sunsets, red earth, the bush and all the incredible colours that are unique to the Australia landscape. These colours also cross over into my interiors. It’s not intentional, it just happens.”

FeatherHorse_artist_art in studio
FeatherHorse_artist_close up of blue and pink art

When painting, Lisa believes in letting things come naturally.

“The inspiration behind my art comes from deep within. I honestly believe if you listen carefully and are open to processing your thoughts and ideas, some pretty magical stuff can happen,” smiles Lisa.

“I find inspiration everywhere — nature, fashion, design, interiors, art, movies, music. Being out in nature keeps me grounded, but also uplifts me.

I’m always collecting images, words and colours. Sometimes I don’t even know why I’m gathering these things but eventually, everything comes together and unfolds into some kind of revelation.

“I relax into it… creating art feels like home to me. What I like to do is not think and just be. Although, I must admit, I’m not always the best at following my own advice!

“I find that when I just let things happen naturally without focusing on the end result, the works always feels authentic and honest. If I try too hard or think too much, it doesn’t feel or look right.”

With the goal to have her own solo exhibition, we’re can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lisa and Featherhorse Studio. To view and purchase her collection of limited edition prints and original paintings, visit her website or take a look through her Instagram page.

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Photography (images 1 and 2) Jody D’Arcy

FeatherHorse_artist_gold painting
FeatherHorse_artist_colour palette
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