Gina’s home: Butler’s pantry tour


Earlier this year I shared my kitchen on the blog and promised the pantry tour would be coming soon!

Today is that day and I’ve even made a mini video to take you around the space (excuse the dodgy hand held production 😉 ).

Feature butler's pantry image


We used an L shape configuration in this space with closed cupboard as you enter, open overhead shelves, lots of bench space, and closed cupboards below.

The closed cupboard has doors above with 3 shelves inside, and 4 deep pull out drawers below. Our kitchen designer recommended we include this closed-in cupboard to keep foods fresh (i.e. stop potatoes from sprouting) and not attract animals.

In the overhead cupboards I keep appliances I use less often, in the corner is a drinks section, and in the main open shelf unit I keep cooking essentials that I can easily see and grab.

The space below the bench has wine fridge (essential!), integrated dishwasher, pull out spice drawer, and cupboard below the sink.

Design aspects I love

I’m really happy with the layout, especially the deep pull out drawers — they’re a great use of space and I can easily access everything inside without trouble.

Having a sink in here is really useful even though it cost a bit more and limits the use of the cupboard below. It means I’m not having to always walk into the kitchen to fill up the kettle or coffee machine, and I can hide dishes when we have guests over 🙂

I’m glad I stuck to my guns and went with open overhead cupboards and carried these right up (they’re just over 2.5 metres high). Our kitchen designer thought it wasn’t the most practical use of space and having them so tall was overkill but I do use all the shelf pockets, we just keep a little step ladder in here. Although open shelves do require you to keep the space tidy, I like the homely feel it brings (having them all closed up would feel a bit too much like a filing room for me!).

The microwave at shoulder height is also a winner, making it easy to get things in and out. And a wine fridge is always a good idea.

Aesthetically, I love the white cupboards with matte black handles and matte black sink. Soft close finishes are also a nice touch.


Pull out drawers

What I would change

We have a second dishwasher in here and embarrassingly it still hasn’t been used, even though we’ve been in our house almost a year. If I were designing this space again, I wouldn’t have a second dishwasher and would have used the space for more pull out drawers instead.

By not having a dishwasher in here, I also would have been able to better use the corner space below the bench. Because of the dishwasher and plumbing under the sink, our kitchen designer could not fit another large cupboard door in this space which was needed to access the corner cupboard so there is some dead space below the bench there.

Pantry styling


I used the tips I shared in this pantry organisation post when organising the overhead cupboards.

All the glass jars in here are from The Reject Shop and when I went in there this week to stock up, they had some new shapes (the squarish ones) and they’re all discounted too.

I also picked up the black accents with a set of black tins from Kmart for bread, tea, coffee etc. and the black geometric canister is from Kmart too.

In the back corner I made a little arrangement with a cutting board from Ironwood Gourmet and some canisters (love the white MENU one I bought this week). I think I’ll add to this by layering some more cutting boards and pieces but for now I’m channeling a minimalist vibe 🙂

Also have to mention the gorgeous Nicoya tea towel with hand drawn artwork by Australian designer Lauren Rugless #supportlocal.

Here’s a video tour of the space

Jars and cans

Appliances and drinks


If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below 🙂

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Gina is the Editor of STYLE CURATOR, an award winning Australian blog about the pursuit of a stylish home. She is passionate about sharing her love of design, architecture, decorating and homewares. Having recently finished the build of her dream home, she's now tackling the never ending job of styling it. When she's not blogging or working with interior styling clients, you'll find her running after her 1 year-old son Patrick or getting her hands messy in a creative project.


  1. Hi Gina, love your pantry! We are starting a new build at the end of the year and have a pantry in the plans but was wondering what the dimensions are of your space…if you remember?? Di

    • Hi Di, how exciting! I just measured our pantry, it’s 1.5m wide and 3m long 🙂 How are the house plans going? I remember the planning and approvals stage was the slowest part of the whole process! x

  2. Aren’t you lovely! Thanks for getting out the tape measure for me. That actually helps me a lot as ours is only
    1.9m x 1.6m so its interesting to see how much you fit into yours. Yes anything to do with council is slow!!! We are subdividing also to fund the build but we are hoping a slab will be poured at the end of the year….fingers crossed.

  3. You’ve inspired me to get my pantry into some sort of order. Thanks Gina, serious case of pantry envy here, Im loving the black taps – ahhhhhhh!.
    Yvette xo

    • He he, thanks Yvette! Glad I could inspire you to organise your pantry. Mine was looking a total mess and readers kept writing in asking me to share it… I was like ‘doo-to-doo’ but figured I couldn’t put it of much longer so did a mad clean of the space. So worth it now though 🙂

      I’d love to see progress pics of how your reno is going!! No doubt all this rain has slowed down progress but I’m eager to see how it’s going! xx

    • Ha ha, if it makes you feel any better, it was a total bomb site while I cleaned it to make it look presentable on the blog 🙂

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