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Guest bedroom inspo from The Block 2018

Guest bedroom inspo from The Block 2018
Lincoln bedhead by Heatherly Design as seen on The Block

Seems most of you agreed with us last week that Bianca and Carla’s stunning bathroom with slatted ceiling should have won The Block bathrooms!

This week the teams completed the guest bedrooms and we’d love to know what you think of each of the couple’s spaces.

Channelling hotel luxe vibes, each team played with colour and texture (and added as many wow elements as they could) to try and impress the judges.

We think you’ll find plenty of guest bedroom inspo in these luxurious spaces and here are our favourite features…

Hans and Courtney

There’s so much we love about this space but standouts for us is that bed styling, their fab choice of pendant lights, and those luxe plantation shutters which let in so much natural light.

The nude colour palette with pops of blue is to die for — possibly our favourite colour combo of all the rooms!

Again though this couple went a little OTT with lighting for us… why do you need strip lighting under the wardrobe?! That aside, this was one of our favourite rooms and at just half a point off the win it seems the judges agreed.

Light and bright bedroom

Cushion styling

Grey wardrobe with black handles

Bedside styling

Bedside pendant lights

Kerrie and Spence

We were unmoved by this bedroom at first (it felt safe and like we’d seen it many times before) but the library and walk-in robe totally made up for it!

The longer we looked at their space, the more we liked it… They certainly deserve kudos for their furniture choices (love that it’s not matchy matchy) and custom cabinetry.

Guest bedroom

Cushion styling


Make up nook

Walk in robe

Luxurious wardrobe

Sara and Hayden

This couple went with pared back luxury — featuring a colour palette of blues and green, glass-top table situated in a nook and simple plush bedhead. The pendant lights worked really well in this space but overall we couldn’t help feel it was a little ’empty’ or underdone compared to the other guest bedrooms. What did you think?

Glass pendant light

Cushion styling

Bedside styling

Study nook

Walk in robe

Norm and Jess

These guys really dialed up the drama this week to prove they deserved to be in the penthouse. If this is their guest bedroom, we can’t imagine what they’ll do in the master?!!

The joinery of their built-in robe and desk space looks incredible — especially loving those sleek handles (check out this article with other great hardware options).

Hotel luxe bedroom

Green velvet bedhead

Butterfly artwork

Oversized green velvet bedhead

Floor to ceiling sheer curtains

Custom cabinetry

Bianca and Carla

The ladies continued their trademark timber detailed ceiling (this time with a white backing) in the guest bedroom and it certainly creates a bold statement.

We love the wall-hung timber bedside tables and that incredible walk-in — our favourite wardrobe of all the couples with the mix of black, timber and brass giving us major heart eyes.

The wall lights were a bit of an odd choice for us but hey, they won this week so clearly they know what they’re doing!

The Block guest bedroom reveals

Plush navy blue bedhead

Custom bedside tables

Seating nook in bedroom

Timber walk in robe

Luxurious walk in robe

Sleek walk in robe

What did you love and loathe from the guest bedrooms? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. I know it’s a competition, but only two out of five couples used bedside drawers for the guest bedroom. A tiny side table gives you hardly any surface area for a book and water glass – let alone any storage for anything else you may want for your bedroom!!!

  2. Other than their wardrobe, Hans and Courtney totally nailed this week. Would have loved to see a wardrobe like Norm and Jess in there instead. That would have looked incredible!

    • Agreed! That bed styling, pendants and all their other choices in this bedroom were incredible. We would have loved to see a wardrobe like that in here too 🙂


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