Celebrate your home with a house portrait: 5 artists to consider

We’ve heard of portraits, perhaps even pet portraits, but have you come across house portraits? Just as the name suggests, it involves creating a piece of art that celebrates your home and lately we’ve noticed them gaining popularity! We love this idea to honour your first home or perhaps as a thoughtful present or housewarming idea. We’ve found 5 clever artists who specialise in house portraits, each with their own signature style!

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1. Blue Ginger Design

Based in Sydney, Brooke from Blue Ginger Design is a hand lettering and watercolour artist. Her adorable house portraits are sure to bring a smile to your face — especially those where she’s squeezed in a pet portrait too!

I love doing house portraits, they always come with a story so I feel really connected to each piece and I know what they will mean to the people who receive them.

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Blue Ginger Designs
Blue Ginger Design house portrait

2. PaperDaisy Bespoke

Prefer the clean and minimal aesthetic? Then perhaps a house portrait by Aleisha, Graphic Designer at PaperDaisy Bespoke, will be more for you. Her digital prints are beautifully designed and she has an impressive 700+ 5 star reviews on her Etsy store.

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PaperDaisy Bespoke house portrait

3. Georgia Draws a House

A quirky artist who takes a more playful and relaxed approach to house portraits is Georgia of Georgia Draws a House. Her house portraits have gained so much popularity that she’s been commissioned to create murals for Sydney Living Museums where she created ginormous versions of her house portraits to display in their ‘Make your Mark’ exhibition.

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Georgia Draws a House

4. Fine Art Store Gallery

Another talented illustrator and watercolour artist is Andrew from Fine Art Store Gallery — and with over six hundred 5 star reviews, you don’t have to take our word for it! His works are a tad more pricey than others in this list, but the added time he takes to layer in so much detail makes it worthwhile.

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Ink house portrait
Fine art store gallery

5. Bosie and Braw

If you love editorial illustrations as much as us, you’ll be drawn to the works of Sam from Bosie and Braw. He digitally hand draws and watercolours all of his works. He then prints them onto sustainably sourced archival matt paper using quality inks for a premium finish.

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Bosie And Braw

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