Artist Jessie Feitosa captures fleeting moments in her contemporary still life artworks

Describing her art as painting the fleeting moments, artist Jessie Feitosa had our full attention from the moment we spied her gorgeous, contemporary still life artwork.

A delicious collection of food, drinks and florals, we were delighted to chat with Jessie on how she transitioned from her ‘safe’ job into the world of art.

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Artist Jessie Feitosa
Paintings of joy from artist Jessie Feitosa
Gallery wall above sideboard by Jessie Feitosa

Jessie Feitosa believes the secret to creating beautiful art is to paint what you would want to hang in your own home. And that’s exactly what she does.

“I’ve always had that pull to be creative,” Jessie tells us.

“From painting, to drawing, ceramics and dance. I ended up landing on contemporary still life artwork, painting things I’d gathered and styled.

I make paintings I love. That’s my process. I like to create painting that I would hang in my own home.

“I enjoy doing art to please my own creativity. For me, art feeds my soul, but I’m not always in a creative flow. I need to take time to gather inspiration to get new ideas.

“For this, I love travelling with my husband and 3 year old. It brings a lot of inspiration to my art. Checking out the local cuisine, staying in beautiful locations… coffee, wine and homewares. This is all part of my creative process.”

Absolut peach art in kitchen by Jessie Feitosa
Poppies and drink artwork by Jessie Feitosa
Close up of drink artwork by Jessie Feitosa

Like many in the art industry, it took Jessie a while to make her way into the art world.

“As many people can likely relate, we often think it’s best to have a safe job. So I worked in hospitality for 10 years. It was predictable and safe, but the passion to be an artist never left me.

“I started to dabble in creative practices with some courses and playing with my art style at home. I would bring all the empty gin and vodka bottles home from work and include them in my paintings,” recalls Jessie with a smile.

“My next step was developing a really good discipline. I was practicing my art every single day and uploading it to social media. Instagram has been fantastic for me as an artist. I’ve gained connections with galleries and had so many opportunities open up to me.

“I wanted to be wise with my transition away from my predicable job. My art started as a side hustle for a few years and now, in 2022, art is my full time job.”

Gallery wall artwork by Jessie Feitosa
Aperol and olives artwork by Jessie Feitosa
Jessie’s still life paintings look good enough to eat
Barossa gin artwork by Jessie Feitosa

Contemporary still life artwork is trending and when you see paintings like Jessie’s, it’s not hard to see why.

“My art style is still life, contemporary. I paint with acrylic paint. I like bringing a mixture of loose painted strokes with tight detailed brush work,” explains Jessie.

It’s about capturing the enjoyable momentary moments. Fresh flowers, a cold drink, a serve of oysters with a squeeze of lemon juice. It’s the little, fleeting moments.

Aperol artwork by Jessie Feitosa in living room
Verve and cheese artwork by Jessie Feitosa
Camenbert cheese artwork by Jessie Feitosa

Jessie’s creative process uses a mix of photography, screen and paint.

“The way I work is by setting up a still life with the things I love like flowers, cocktails and olives. I work with good lighting to capture photos then work with these from my laptop. Working this way is great for zooming into certain details.

“When it comes to the painting side of things, I mostly paint at night when my little one is sleeping.”

“I’m currently working towards my first solo exhibition in January 2023. It’s such an exciting time!”

We don’t know about you, but we suddenly feel like an Aperol Spritz šŸ˜‰ . Thank you to Jessie for sharing her art inspiration with us. You can follow Jessie’s journey through her Instagram, or check out her website to discover more of contemporary still life artwork.

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Aperol and oyster artwork by Jessie Feitosa
Drink and candle artwork by Jessie Feitosa
Lemon and olives artwork by Jessie Feitosa
Gin and florals artwork by Jessie Feitosa
Oysters artwork by Jessie Feitosa
Floral artworks above bed by Jessie Feitosa
Floral artwork by Jessie Feitosa
Floral artwork by Jessie Feitosa
Peaches artwork by Jessie Feitosa
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