How to make your own mini terrarium

Close up of terrarium

One of the very first stories we ever published was tips on growing cactus. And ever since then, we’ve wanted to make our own mini terrarium.

On a recent trip to Sydney, we saw these adorable terrariums in hanging glass candle holders — ah-mazing! — and took that as our inspiration to show you how to make your own mini terrarium at home.

This super quick and easy DIY will take you less than 10 minutes to make and will only cost around $10.

[ingredients title=”Items you will need”]
  • Glass candle holder or other container
  • Plants
  • Soil
  • Moss or small rocks
  • Honey
  • Gloves
  • Fun figurines (optional)
Items you will need_How to make your own mini terrarium
Items you will need
[directions title=”Steps:”]
  1. Make a soil bed using around ¾ cup dry soil. Some people create a rocky base using gravel and put a moist soil on top but we used regular soil from the garden and our succulents are loving it.
  2. Add your plants, starting with the larger plants, and arrange them how you like. (If you are using cuttings, we recommend adding a touch of honey to the tip of the cutting before putting it in the soil.)
  3. Add the finishing touches. You can add rocks and pebbles, or moss like us, and some people even add miniature characters (we just added a little butterfly).
  4. Terrarium


Close up of terrarium


– Maintain your terrarium by watering it with a spray bottle once a week
– Keep it in a warm, dry place with some direct sun

There you have it. We think these could make a fun Christmas gift too!


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