Kate Walker_main image

A day in the life of Interior Designer, Kate Walker

Think you had a busy day? Think again! When we chatted with Interior Designer, Kate Walker, we were blown away by what she packs into a day! Turns out there's a whole...
Luxurious wardrobe

8 things to declutter to start the new year right

We love homewares and beautiful things as much (if not more than!) the next person β€” but unnecessary objects can carry a weight, causing a feeling of anxiety or unease in our...
Erskineville main bathroom_bath and tiles

Erskineville main bathroom before and after: Modern take on a Victorian bathroom

Here's the latest before and after of our recent Erskineville project and it's my favourite zone of the home β€” the main bathroom! Bathroom before The...
Luxe style

A guide to the 10 most popular interior design styles

Supported by Canberra Outlet When decorating any space, it’s important to have a clear idea of the type of style or colour palette you want to use. Few...
ECO essential oils for a non-toxic home

Best essential oils for cleaning and our top cleaning HACKS to use them around...

Reducing the number of chemicals you use around your home can only be a good thing β€” for our families, and the environment. Today we look at some simple swaps you can...

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