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If you’re renting, you might think there’s not much you can do in the styling stakes. But here at Style Curator, we’re going to show you that definitely is NOT the case! Check out all our renting ideas, tips and styling tricks to make your rental really feel like home.

We have articles on how to create beautiful ambient DIY lights… and get them up on your walls without hacking into your walls!

Our popular article, 21 decorating hacks for rental properties, is a must read if you’re renting. With ideas from changing up the hardware to bringing in more plants. Advice on how to create your own storage and using rugs to protect floors (or cover up nasties!).

We advise you on how to switch out window coverings and use temporary wallpaper. How to customise your kitchen splashback or decorate your furniture if you don’t want to decorate your walls.

We go into details for styling a rental to organisation tips, tricks and hacks.

We also delve into specific spaces within a rental. Such as how to style and decorate your rental bedroom. Whether you have the entire home to yourself, or just a bedroom as your own piece of privacy. We share organisation ideas, styling tips and loads more to make if your own piece of paradise.

You might not think you can do much with your outdoor area if you’re renting, but we have other ideas about that! Our blog has so much content on styling and living in a rental or holiday home that you’ll be spoilt for content!

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