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The Block Triple Threat: Week 5 living and dining room reveals

Living and dining room reveals on The Block this week — with some brutal feedback from the judges!

Some couples veered away from the architect’s plans to swap living, dining and kitchen room layouts and… let’s just say, the judges did not approve! We’ll have to wait until kitchen week to see if these risks will pay off.

Until then, let’s recap the rooms and we want to hear your thoughts on each! Tell us in the comments below!

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Josh and Charlotte

Winners are grinners. This week Josh and Charlotte scored their first room win — hooray! — and boy-oh-boy does their budget need the boost (especially since Charlotte went all out, spending a fortune in earlier rooms like that bedroom in week 1).

We loved her choice of dining setting and those dreamy armchairs in the living room. It was great to see Charlotte use such an oversized rug… the criticism from that living room elimination challenge must still be ringing in her ears.

This couple are going with a ‘less is more’ approach in all their rooms, clearly working towards the end goal of auction and creating an apartment that won’t divide buyers. Bring on auction night!

Josh and Charlotte living and dining room reveals
The furniture Josh and Charlotte used was our favourite of all the living and dining room reveals
Josh and Charlotte dining room
Josh and Charlotte living and dining
Josh and Charlotte artwork living and dining room reveals
Josh and Charlotte living room
Josh and Charlotte living wide living and dining room reveals
Josh and Charlotte styling

Jess and Ayden

Finally not in the bottom spot, yay! Jess and Ayden hit a few hurdles this week and advice from styling guru Darren Palmer threw a spanner in the works part way through the week, seeing Jess completely rethink her living room space.

We agree with Neale’s comments that the living room needs some ‘editing’ — removing at least two of the throws as he suggested would definitely make the room feel less cluttered and more cohesive.

This space would also work better for us if they used a simpler rug, a larger coffee table, and a different fireplace.

What did you think of those pendant lights over the dining table? A brave choice or does it remind you of the story of ‘The Three Bears’? No, just us?

Jess and Ayden dining room wide
Jess and Ayden dining room artwork
Jess and Ayden living and dining room
Jess and Ayden artwork living and dining room reveals
Jess and Ayden living and dining room reveals

Tim and Anastasia

There was no saving Tim and Anastasia from the judges criticism this week. Do you think it was warranted?

While we have to agree that ‘pimple’ (the plastered over waste pipe in the dining area) is an eye sore, we hope it can be fixed before auction.

This look isn’t our style but we can see where Tim and Anastasia were going with it and we give them points for layout.

As we saw tonight from the buyers verdict, the selling experts believe this look will appeal to buyers which is after all the name of the game!

Tim and Anastasia Dining room
Tim and Anastasia dining table styling
Tim and Anastasia sideboard
Tim and Anastasia dining and living room reveals
Tim and Anastasia living room
Tim and Anastasia living room styling

Dea and Darren

These guys made a strategic move this week — rather than making a maze of bulk heads on their ceiling, they opted to take their time to finish the rooms properly. Of course, this meant they presented an unfinished dining area and were marked down heavily.

Dea was hoping that she would end up in the bottom spot so she could hang out with Neale for an afternoon… unfortunately that plan backfired and she’s now got a date with her bestie, Shaynna Blaze (last season she called Shaynna a ‘bogan from Wantirna’ so this should be interesting!).

Half complete ceiling aside, we love Dea’s choice of furniture (especially the dining setting) and artwork. As always, she styled the spaces beautifully and those accents of green are perfect. Many of those items can be found at The Block Shop.

In the living room she used a porcelain top that fooled Darren into thinking it was real marble. While we think there’s nothing better than the real thing, it certainly looked more authentic than the bench top Anastasia used in her laundry last week. Did you like it?

Darren and Dea dining
Darren and Dea got scathing feedback from the judges during living and dining room reveals
Darren and Dea living and dining room reveals
Darren and Dea living room styling
Darren and Dea living room wide living and dining room reveals
Darren and Dea entertainment unit living and dining room reveals
Darren and Dea living and dining room reveals

What did you think of the living and dining room reveals? Do you have a favourite feature? Tell us in the comments below!

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    1. Hi this is a bit of a long shot, but do you know the artist of the print/photo of the woman carrying a child into the bush in Ayden and Jess’ dining room? Thanks

      • Hi Natalie, thanks for your question and I’m really trying to remember… Some supplier lists from this season are still available online but I cannot find week 5, sorry! It’s worth reaching out to The Block Shop to see if it was one of theirs as they supplied the majority of artwork and decor that season (https://www.theblockshop.com.au/). Good luck tracking it down 🙂

    2. Hello,
      I was wondering if you know where Dee and Daz got the wall mounted entertainment piece from? If you can recommend any places for wall mounted units I would really appreciate it. Cheers.

      • Hi Holly

        Darren and Dea had the entertainment unit made by Sabrina (http://www.sabrinashopfitting.com.au/) and the stone top by Adriatic Stone (http://www.adriaticstone.com.au) 🙂

        Not sure where you’re based but a tip for wall mounted units would be to chat with a few local cabinet makers to see if they can custom make what you want – often the price from a local guy can match or better something already made and you’ll end up with a product that’s just right.

        Hope this helps!

    3. Jess & Ayden seem to have used the same flooring though most of their house, does anybody know what their flooring is?

      Tim & Ana or Dee & Daz also have nice flooring in the pictures in this post and I would be interested to know what they have used also.

      Thanks 🙂

      • Hi Megan

        The flooring Jess and Ayden used is called “Godfrey Hirst Regal Oak in Dover” from Carpet Court.

        Tim and Anastasia’s flooring is called “Godfrey Hirst Regal Oak colour Astor” and Darren and Dea used “Premium Imperio Pure Oak Matt Floorboards” both from Carpet Court.

        Hope this info is helpful 🙂

    4. I liked the art in Charlotte and Josh’s room. Do you know where it is from? In regards to the other rooms Tim and Anastasia deserved the feedback and Darren and Dee made a mistake to move the kitchne. Don’t have much to say about Jess and Aiden, they haven’t impressed me yet.

      • Hi James

        Isn’t that artwork beautiful?! Josh and Charlotte got it from Mandel Art Gallery http://mandelartgallery.com.au/

        Sounds like you’re not a massive fan of the couples’ styling and design choices. What were you hoping to see from the living and dining rooms?


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