Tips and tricks for styling your bed from stylist Jessica

Jessical Bellef, head stylist at Temple & Webster, styles hundreds of shoots each year for the Australian homewares website so she sure knows a trick or two when it comes to styling your bed.

We’re delighted to have her with us today sharing her expert bed styling tips!

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Pastel bedroom
Styled by Jessica Bellef and photographed by Denise Braki

Let’s cut straight to it — what’s your number 1 tip to styling your bed?

My biggest tip would be to pay attention to textures of your bedding. Layering different textures — even if monochromatic or all white — will add interest and make it feel lush.

“The little things can often make the biggest difference. If you have an ensemble bed, use a bed skirt or valance which sounds daggy but there are stylish options out there which cleans up the look.

“It’s also not just about what’s happening on the bed, consider the space above the bed. A bedhead, statement artwork or detail on the wall — even a sculptural element like a juju hat — can complete the look.”

Check out this article for ideas on how to decorate the space above your bed.

Plug board bedhead with patterned bedding
Styled by Jessica bellef and photographed by Denise Braki

And are there any rules when it comes to cushions? We’ve heard Darren Palmer once say on The Block there should never be more than 5 cushions on the bed?

“I say there are no rules, just however many you’re willing to deal with each night,” laughs Jess.

“Cushions can add to the lush feeling because that’s where you can bring more textures and complete the look you’re after.

“To be honest, in my own home, I prefer a cleaner look and have few cushions on my bed.

“If you are going to have a lot of cushions though, I only suggest you have somewhere to place them overnight rather than just throwing them on the floor, such as having basket to the side of the bed.”

Mustard and blue bedroom
Styled by Adam Powell and photographed by Denise Braki

“Overall though we are seeing a trend towards more minimal styling and decluttering.

“There’s a decline in the use of Euro cushions, instead it’s more about having one statement cushion.

“My biggest tip is to keep things casual and comfortable, and once you’ve finished styling you’re bed, think if there’s anywhere it could or should be scaled back.”

Thanks so much Jess for these great tips! Time to shop for some new bedding and give our bed a makeover!

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