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How smart home owners are using sheds for purposes other than storage

Short on space but can’t upsize your home? The answer to your space limitations or storage woes may be hidden in your backyard. There’s a new trend where in the quest for more space and functionality, smart homeowners are turning their attention to the humble shed. Traditionally used for storing gardening tools, equipment and other clutter, sheds are now being repurposed into everything from home gyms to dream workshops. Today we’re sharing the top ways home owners are using sheds for purposes other than storage.

With so many shed design options and ways to fit them out to suit your needs, there’s almost no limit to what you can transform a basic shed into! Keep scrolling for our favourite ideas and if you’ve got more to add, we’d love you to leave a comment below!

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Stylish home office in garden shed
Shed converted into home office | Photography by John Merkl via Better Homes & Gardens

Home office

In the modern age of working from home, having a home office can feel like a sacred space. The example above shows how you can easily transform a garden shed into a serene workspace for two, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Equipped with essential office furniture, functional lighting, and Wi-Fi, these sheds offer a professional environment conducive to productivity. Imagine stepping into your garden each morning to go to work — there’s no shorter commute!


Anyone with a love of DIY will welcome having a dedicated space to bring their design ideas to life! Build your own creative sanctuary in your backyard by converting a basic shed into a dream workshop just like Mercedes did in the image below. We love how she included a large functional bench, added a pegboard for tools, and has plenty of open storage for items she needs to grab and use readily.

If you’re more of a crafter than a DIYer, you could convert your shed into a creative sanctuary for pottery or any other craft that’s a bit messy!

  • open shelving for materials
  • racks for tools or boxes of supplies
  • large bench or table for making
  • pegboard for smaller tools
  • pinboard for inspiration or mood board.
Garden shed converted into dream workshop
One of the most popular ideas for using sheds for purposes other than storage is to create a dream workshop like this one via homeright.com


Don’t put off your health goals. If getting to the gym is too difficult in your busy lifestyle, setting up a gym in your shed could be the solution to staying fit without leaving home. From treadmills to weight racks and even pilates reformers, you can turn sheds into an ideal home gym. A home studio eliminates waiting for equipment and the commute to a local gym. Plus, you can blast your favourite tunes as loudly as you want — how’s that for motivation?

Art studio

So many artists we feature say they work from a home studio. From ceramic artist Bridget Bodenham to watercolour artist Sylvia from Harvey Walker Studio, an at-home studio is popular with artists regardless of their medium. It’s the perfect space to unleash their creativity.

These spaces are often adorned with inspiration, works underway and bathed in natural light — just like Jackie’s studio below. Whether you’re a painter needing quiet for concentration or a sculptor who makes a bit of a mess, a shed studio supports your artistic endeavour in the privacy of your own garden.

Jackie Anderson in her art studio
Artist Jackie Anderson | Many of the artists we feature work from a home studio

Music studio

Musicians looking for an undisturbed place to rehearse or record are increasingly turning to sheds. Add some soundproofing and you’ve got an ideal space to perform without becoming a neighbourhood nuisance. Ever dreamed of your own recording studio? This could be your chance!

Kids’ playhouse

A shed can also become a magical playhouse for children. Consider going with a theme for your playhouse — from castles to spaceships — or simply create a fun space for them to unleash their creativity. A shed playhouse keeps the toys out of the house (bonus for parents) while giving children a sense of independence.

Shed guest room conversion using sheds for purposes other than storage
Shed guest room conversion via Homes to Love

Guest room

Hosting guests can be made more elegant with a well-appointed shed turned guest room. With the right touches — comfortable bedding, a heating solution, and some cosy decor — a shed can provide a charming retreat for visitors. It’s a practical solution for holiday seasons or when you have family staying over.

Garden room

Gardening enthusiasts are also converting sheds into a garden room. This space can serve as a greenhouse or a place to keep gardening tools. It’s also a lovely spot to be amongst your plants (perhaps enjoying a cup of tea?), regardless of the weather outside.

Shed turned garden room using sheds for purposes other than storage
Using sheds for purposes other than storage | We love this shed turned garden room idea via Domino

Meditation or yoga studio

A shed can also be transformed into a peaceful sanctuary for meditation or yoga. By outfitting it with calming decorations, comfortable mats, and perhaps incense or scented candles, you create an ideal environment to decompress and find inner peace. How often do you find a quiet corner to unwind in your daily life?

Home bar or entertainment space

We couldn’t end this round up of alternative shed ideas without including one of the most popular in Australia — a home bar, man cave or entertainment space! Imagine having a personal bar or home cinema right in your backyard?! Sheds converted into entertainment spaces can host everything from a high-definition projector for movie nights to a well-stocked bar for gatherings. It’s a fabulous way to make the most of your outdoor space for entertainment.

Has this round up of ideas on using sheds for purposes other than storage inspired you? What’s your favourite idea from the list? Or do you have other ideas on how you can use sheds for more than just storage to extend your living space? Tell us in the comments below!

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DIY shed completed using sheds for purposes other than storage
Stylish and compact garden shed via this home tour proves garden sheds don’t have to be unsightly!
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