Product review: What do silk pillowcases do and why you need them in your life!

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Silk pillowcases have been popping up in every corner of the web so I decided to test out silk pillowcase set from Manchester Collection and share what they do and why you need them in your life.

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Styling silk pillowcase on bed

Benefits of silk pillowcases

The main benefits of silk pillowcases are they:

  • help to protect your hair from breakages and knotting while you sleep
  • help your skin to retain moisture
  • regulate temperature while you sleep — especially beneficial for hot sleepers who want the cooling effects of silk
  • are naturally hypoallergenic
  • have a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mould as well as many other allergens
  • offer a truly soft and luxurious sleep experience.

While the latest hair products can help promote healthy hair, silk pillowcases can reduce breakage while improving your sleep quality. Silk is also an excellent material for healthier skin as it helps lock in skin moisture.  

You may be curious to know more about some of those points, like how does it help your skin to retain moisture? Well, cotton pillowcases (and many other fabrics) absorb moisture and can draw the natural oils and moisture from your skin while you sleep. One of the amazing properties of silk is that it does not absorb moisture, helping you to wake up with more radiant and hydrated skin.

There are also claims that silk pillowcases can help to reduce wrinkles. I’m still sceptical about this but I will say that the deep crease I usually wake up with down one side of my face has disappeared since switching to silk. So, at least it makes for a more fresh-faced start to the day!

The hypoallergenic qualities of silk pillowcases are especially beneficial for people who have acne. Cotton pillowcases (and many other fibres) retain dead skin and bacteria, which can set off acne flair ups. Silk, on the other hand, has a natural resistance to this which can help people with acne to manage their skin.

If you often find yourself waking up with knotted hair or more hair breakages than you’d like, switching to silk pillowcases is worth a try. The smooth texture of silk reduces friction while you turn in the night, helping to prevent split ends, tangles and breakages.

Gift box of silk pillowcase

How to care for silk pillowcases

While many people think that silk is a delicate material that’s difficult to care for, it’s actually stronger than cotton (according to this education study). 

To care for your silk pillowcase, all you need to do is turn it inside out and place it inside a mesh laundry bag. Pop it into your washing machine at a setting of 30 degrees or cooler and use a mild detergent. Manchester Collection suggest using a milk detergent with a low pH, or I’ve also seen people use a natural soap bar on the pillowcase before putting it in the wash. Then when the wash cycle is finished, just put it on the line to dry!

How silk pillowcases can improve bedroom ambience

Silk pillowcases can elevate the ambience in your master bedroom in several ways. Their luxurious appearance and smooth and shiny surface add an elegant touch to your bedding. Moreover, they provide exceptional comfort, thanks to silk’s soft and silky texture. This comfort creates a more inviting and relaxing environment for sleep.  

Additionally, silk is a natural temperature regulator, ensuring you stay cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather, further improving the bedroom’s comfort. These pillowcases are also hypoallergenic, reducing allergens and contributing to a healthier bedroom. They are gentle on skin and hair, minimising wrinkles (so they say!) and damage.  

Pairing silk pillowcases with bedsheets and blankets involves considering comfort and aesthetics. Egyptian cotton sheets, known for their softness and durability, complement the luxurious feel of silk pillowcases, creating a comfortable and visually appealing bed.

On the other hand, linen sheets bring a more organic and relaxed texture, creating a contrast in texture and appearance when combined with silk pillowcases. Flannel sheets can be a cozy addition in colder seasons, balancing the silk’s cool and smooth texture with warmth and softness.

Silk pillowcases

Where to buy silk pillowcases

With the growing popularity of silk pillowcases, you’ll find many retailers are now offering them. 

I got mine from Manchester Collection, which is a proudly Australian owned business that has a wide range of silk pillowcases at a great price. Their colour range includes black, charcoal, navy, pink, sage, silver, white and champagne.

Check the product information before buying a set as there are cheaper and inferior satin pillowcases on the market that don’t offer the same benefits. You want to see 100% pure silk in the product description, like the ones from Manchester Collection that are made from 100% pure mulberry silk.

Who doesn’t want happier skin and happier hair?! You can explore the full range of bedding and homewares on the Manchester Collection website here.

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