Construction Update 8: Bricks and Windows

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that our block was little more than a concrete slab.

Since the last construction update, all the windows and doors on the first floor of both houses have been delivered and installed. Talk about a moment of excitement and relief to see all the window pain we went through was worth it!

The biggest transformation though has been by the bricklayers. This crew of crazy hardworking people whipped through our block and in just over a week fully bricked up both houses!

I haven’t told you much about the cladding of our home yet and looking at the photos above may be beginning to doubt my style, ha ha. Rest assured, we’re not building an all-red brick house!

The cladding will be a combination of ‘Canberra red’ face bricks, white concrete render, and Monument panel rib metal cladding. We’re going for a contemporary Australian home that doesn’t look too out of place against the traditional red brick houses in our neighbourhood. The oversized windows and dark metal cladding also give it a bit of an industrial or commercial feel.

At the moment they are battening out the exterior walls of the small house and will install the first panels of cladding this week so stay tuned for those photos soon!

We’re also getting the floor trusses for the second level of our house made and fingers crossed these will also be going in within the next week. Once that happens our carpenter can frame upstairs, hooray!

At this stage, we’re still tracking to finish and move in around June/July 🙂


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